Things I Like Today, Including Wolves


Hello, hello, hello! It has been a while since I posted some Etsy finds here, a good way to begin easing myself back into blog land. I have just finished a bunch of work for a pop up gallery and boutique which will be opening here in Edinburgh at the weekend. As soon as I have some images I will reveal all! Keeping half an eye on the deadlines for Plush You LA and an upcoming show in the UK, busy, busy, but so nice to be making some new creatures, wolves are featuring heavily as you can see above. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Time for Dancing Bears by Alice Gabb.

Vintage alarm clock in an edible colour from Space Jam.

Porcelain Squirrel Brooch from Sarah NcNeil.

The nicest bag I have seen in a long time from Every Eskimo.

I would love to add Dreaming in Yellow to my collection, from Cathy Cullis.

Hmmm, stolen kisses with Antoine Doinel, swoon! Cool tote from I Miss You Already.

These guys would look spiffing in my hallway. From Two String Jane.

Oh, it is nice to be back. Lou Lou & Oscar has undergone a little refresh while I have been away, new logo and bits and bobs. I am not quite ready to share the results with you yet but watch out all will be revealed soon!

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5 Responses to Things I Like Today, Including Wolves

  1. Eeek ! You’re back !
    + Eeek, those dancing bears !!!
    + Num num, Antoine Doinel !

    Δ Δ Δ

  2. margie says:

    it seems so apropos that while I am reading this long awaited post and writing this comment playing on my itunes is I’ll stand by you , the pretenders.
    Plus I am wearing the only thing I kept from the 80’s besides my husband, a t shirt with a peter max graphic on it.
    Lots of love dear lisa and yes I will stand by you.

  3. I commented right away yesterday but all my comments seem to be awol, these days …

    It said, in a nutshell :

    YAY ! You’re back !
    + I adore your new softie !
    + OH-ME-GOD Dancing bears !
    + Antoine Doineeeel ♥

    Δ Δ Δ

  4. Rose says:

    Ok this is weird. Just yesterday I was sketching a two headed werewolf doll. We must be in some sort of awesome loop or something.


  5. So happy you are back hun! We have missed you! I love the new look & I looooove Mr. Wolf ( or maybe it should be mister wolveS 🙂 I also love that beautiful little porcelain brooch by Sarah as well….so wonderful. Welcome back sweet Lisa~

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