Bear With Me

Oh dear, a terrible pun, on with the post! I am feeling drowsy; october always brings with it the desire to hibernate, I don’t want to go out, I want to be cozy, a homebody, it’s not even cold yet. How many of you kittens have the desire to grab a grizzly and head for a cave (metaphorically of course!)? Here is a collection of some of my favourite bears from around the inter web, let’s share some ursine love. I had intended to stealthily insert an image of a new embroidery piece at the bottom of the post, yup it was bear related. But guess what, I hated the finished piece so I scrapped it and reused the elements. The experiments that don’t pan out often lead to happy accidents and now I have a couple of new things for the shop, as soon as we can squeeze in a photo shoot! I have some exciting news to share with you very soon, I would tell all now but I want to put a more considered post together about it. I hope that you are all enjoying the autumnal/spring weather (hello southern hemisphere), our house is crawling with chestnuts collected by Ishi, he fills his pockets with them, we have painted little faces onto a few, such fun. Here come the bears! Trust Your Instincts print above from AshleyG

Knitted Bear print from Julia Pott

Finding Beehives from Oh My Cavalier

Magical bear by Astulabee.

Giant Bear in a Tiny Village by Lizzy Stewart

Print from ISO50.

I have added the marvelous Master Ludwig Is Afraid To Be Alone print above from Mon Petit Fantome to correct a glaring oversight on my part. Thanks for the reminder girls! I have been in love with Mr Susan for the longest time too (love those wolves!) and have to confess that I omitted some wonderful bears for the sake of brevity and getting the post up! I must run another bear round up when I get a chance.

Oh yes, bears on the brain. I am completely obsessed with the Andean Bear at the moment. Of course Plush You begins this evening, with luck I will be back later with a small round up.

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9 Responses to Bear With Me

  1. Lisa !
    Did you write this post uniquely, precisely and JUST for me ?
    You know how much I love grizzly bears !!!

    Funnily enough, yesterday my Grizzly sent me an email ending by (I quote) “sending you hibernation hugs” (!)
    We are on the same wavelenght, aren’t we ?

    Oh ! I love your bear choices ! I love Chad’s wonderful bears, too : &

    Kisses and bear hugs to you,
    x x x

  2. Clare says:

    I love that knitted bear!!

  3. Cathy says:

    A great selection of bears…. I agree with Mathyld, Chad/monpetitfantome has created some wonderful bears too. I have his recent book with beautiful bears included.

    have a good weekend

  4. I love bears and it is always a very special day when I manage to catch a glimpse of one in the wild or even as of late walking along the side of the road near my daughter’s university town. The bear I usually see is the ursus americanus or the black bear. Black bears are actually all shades of black and brown and are beautiful animals that inspired many an artist and writer. Including the most famous of course winnie who was immortalized by A.A.Milme. Winnie was an orphaned bear from Northern Ontario.
    Sending you a huge black bear hug lisa, ishi and adam.

  5. Oh my!
    I am truly thrilled to be included with these super talented folks! And as much as I love owls, I am on a huge wolf/bear kick now. Also, I can’t brag enough on some of these ladies…AshleyG, OhMyCavalier, Lizzy Stewart, Astulabee…I have work by all of them, and they are fantastic artists! Thank you for exposing me to the Julia Potts print…I see a future purchase 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    You are very welcome Chad, I feel a little embarrassed that I gave up the search for your bear initially, it is so obviously your style, I first saw him in a ‘bear line up’/vote off thing, pretty sure it was a bear by Julia one by Lizzy Stewart and Master Ludwig was there too, I just couldn’t put my finger on the artist, you of course, so he was ommited from the original post. Thanks to Mathyld and Cathy for the reminder, they saved the day! Oh, rambling sorry! So happy to have Master Ludwig. XXX

  7. hahaha !
    Best post & comments combo ever !
    I love you all Margie and Chad and Lisa ♥♥♥

    G R O A R ! (yup. That’s how bears sound in French ! ha !)
    x x x

  8. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    beautiful, beautiful bears….all of them.

  9. Eerika says:

    I wouldn’t mind hibernating though the winter either, it’s never been my favourite season what with the cold and the dark and all that. I do try to keep active and happy but winter does tend to get me down a bit none the less.

    Lovely bears you’ve found, I especially like dapper Mr Bear in his sweater.

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