We are back home on the island and I am dipping my toe tentatively into these bloggy waters. I will be leaving light foot prints in the sand from now on, but yes, I am ready to begin again. I have missed you all and hope that you will pop back to visit soon. Oh, and there will be an interview with someone lovely coming up in the next few days. Artwork above by the ever brilliant Julia Pott . Julia is guesting over at Shiny Squirrel every Friday for a whole month, you can see the first of her posts right here. I adore peeks into the lives of others, yes, I confess I am super nosey, so it was excellent to have a good snoop around Julia’s studio space. If you look closely you may see a familiar face!

I felt so proud looking at the pictures from the Stitch Wars show which is running at Bear & Bird in Florida as I write. This is the first time my work has been included in a group show so a little milestone for Lou Lou & Oscar I suppose. There is so much amazing work on display and Amanda has worked so hard putting everything together, hooray for everyone, so cool to see the show featured in The Guardian newspaper’s online edition as well. Here are a few images from Stitch Wars, featuring my boys-he, he!



And the embroidery pieces I submitted (far left). The vintage handkerchief ‘Philosophy of Yoda’ work has been sold but my two Fish Boys are still without a new home, if you need a Star Wars related aquatic hybrid in your life you can go here to snap one up! *Only a lonely Storm Trooper boy left now!




Some more show news soon. See you all later.

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6 Responses to Breathe

  1. diane says:

    how cool Lisa!! I will say it again: your fish boys are amazing! so much creativity!n FĂ©licitations pour l’exposition!!!

  2. Margie says:

    Funny you should post this wonderful little dip in bloggy waters just as I came out of the warm waters of lake Huron after my first real swim of the summer. That and “hearing” your voice have made me incredibly happy now I must get off my iphone and prepare snacks

  3. Oh Dear Lisa !

    I don’t know anything about “Star Wars”, but these “Stitch Wars” exhibit pics are so exciting !
    The exhibition seems to have the perfect amount of Nerdy-ness // Arty-ness !
    Nerdy, just the way I like it !
    Nerd + Crafts = ♥ ♥ ♥

    I am so happy to read you again, and yay for being nosey ! I think it’s more being interested in people, it’s a “caring” form of some sort …
    Kiss Kiss,
    x x x

  4. PixelHazard says:

    Those images are so great. I could stare at them for ages and just soak in the details!

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    SO happy to see you back Lisa! We have missed you….congratulations on the “stitch wars” show, your boys are amazing! Thank you for the heads up on Julia’s posts…I will be sure to check them out!

  6. Eerika says:

    It’s nice to have you back Lisa!
    I’m continuously wading in the bloggy waters, never quite managing to get my feet really wet at all. One day (in the very distant future it would seem) I’ll have to try and jump in the deep end and get properly soaked though. đŸ˜‰

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