Sins & Omissions

Being a rather tardy fellow, things that should be written up sometimes get overlooked, I am catching up with a couple of things today.

I was so happy to be asked to contribute to Issue 2 of Spoonful zine: a happiness companion. If you haven’t grabbed yourself an issue yet, get on it! My contribution appears in the Objects of Affection section:

Each issue, we choose a random object that makes us smile. Here Creatives have interpreted…the Mountain Goat…

How wonderful to be featured alongside some of my favourite artists and makers: Abby Glassenberg, Luci Everett, Jackie Bos, oh and so many more (go buy a copy!). Thanks so much for asking me to tag along Thea, I can’t wait for issue three.

I adore the fabric covered dining chairs above.

Next up, can you guess? Wherever there is bunting you will usually find a craft market, this particular event being The Morningside Makers Market here in Edinburgh. As I am setting up shop here on the 4th September I thought I would pop along to have a nose around and pick up some goodies (I confess this trip occurred in May!). Three stalls in particular grabbed my attention, really lovely work on each and super nice makers too.

Cherith Harrison is an illustrator and designer, I fell in love with her sweet birds and rabbits, they pop up everywhere, screen printed onto cushions, tea towels, bags and exercise books, oh and prints too. I bagged a yellow bunny tea towel, love, love, love!

The Night Owl aka Ellen Munro designs and makes accessories & home wares that are oh so folksy. Pop over and check out her Etsy shop, the egg cups get my vote for sure! Ellen’s stall was beautifully arranged with some inventive touches, a clothes airer used as a display for textiles, very cool.

Nicky Orr heads up Frugal Cool, a sustainable design business which promotes work that is ethically produced, re-used, green, vintage or fair trade. There was such an array of wonderful things on the Remade stall, check out the little felted hare in the image above, just so lovely. Frugal Cool are running an Eco Market during the Edinburgh Festival, go here for details.

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4 Responses to Sins & Omissions

  1. I looove spoonful and what a beautiful entry ! And a nice animal choice, too !
    Congratulations, dear !!

    Also, when we did the very first sales (in my flat) with Anaïs I made her use an clothes airer !

    x x x

  2. i love mountain goats
    i miss them
    the mountains
    of the western
    it is hard being
    of this
    wonderful large country

  3. theaxx says:

    Oh loveliness, it was MY absolute pleasure.

    Your work is so very gorgeous & beautiful, it is a great honour to have you in Spoonful’s pages!! Thanks for the lovely blog post too! Huge hugs!!


  4. Phyllis says:

    I love your embroidered goat, Lisa. Wish I could find this magazine somewhere in the western US.

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