The Tale Of The Crack Fox!

I have had my mind on Urban Foxes recently. I am in the middle of bringing a new creature to life based on a foxy friend I used to know in my London days. Let’s take some time today to celebrate fantastic foxes.

Beautiful prints from Eek Design. I bought the little, red-coated fox above for Ishi’s bedroom.

Isn’t this the most perfect fox you have ever seen? He is just about to set off for a masked ball I think. Another one for my wish list! Sigh! Available fromAshley G.

I adore Amber Alexander’s delicate work. This lady is so prim and straight out of a novel by Jane Austen!

This chap looks pretty big, bad wolfy to me. Get him over at Ben Conservato.

Oh My Cavalier is one of my favourite places on Etsy. I would love to take a cup of tea with this fine gentleman.

Fantastic work from LoucheLab as always. The mix of work in Aya Rosen’s shop is incredible, I love her softies, ceramics and prints.

Sadly this wonderful piece has been sold, I really hope that Vienna Horses will be making some more. Please!

If you are wondering about the title of this post and about the identity of the ‘Crack Fox’ click on the video clip below. You will find the creepiest, most debauched and hilarious “foxy man” imaginable. *Please Be Aware*. This clip is quite dark in content and probably not suitable for younger children. You may not want to open it in the office either. I love this beyond all measure!


This post is dedicated to my sister Ali, who has the biggest crush on the raggle-taggle reprobate above.

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13 Responses to The Tale Of The Crack Fox!

  1. margaret oomen says:

    I love the red fox and a day with a view of a real life fox is a wonderful day for sure. It is a good thing I don’t keep hens. One of favorite artists is matte stephens and his Duke of New York is so debonair.

  2. Lisa says:

    Hi Margie, lovely to see you back here! I love Matte Stephens too, I was going to include his Duke Fox but got a little muddled around with all my links! Ah, the delights of being new to blogging! I also love his print of the fox chasing a bus! want this one for Ishi too!

  3. Eerika says:

    How funny that you’re having a foxy phase too! I’m currently working on a fox Rag Pet and have had them on the brain for quite a while now. Foxes are such fantastic creatures, so full of character and steeped in folklore and all.

  4. Eerika says:

    Sorry to spam you, but speaking of fantastic foxes, do check out Abigail Brown’s foxes:
    The rest of her work is amazing too!

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Eerika, Nice to her from you. I can’t wait to see your fox rag pet, I adore your work and wonder how you will style foxy? I will look forward to it with great anticipation!
    Not spamming at all! I am a big fan of Abigail Brown but haven’t checked her blog in a while, thank you so much for the tip, those foxes are marvelous. May have to add an amendment to the Fox post!
    Thanks again,

  6. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Hi Lisa!
    Oh, I am so excited for your blog! Welcome, welcome! I do adore these foxes….lovely choices.

  7. oh my goodness. I bought (me who buys nearly nothing! ) one of those charms for Lucia this summer (I would be the 7/16 purchaser) to send to her while she was away!! That is so funny! Lisa, I love your posts all the pictures, your choices… so fun to look at and read!

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for your lovely welcome,it is wonderful to have you visit me here. I look forward to seeing you again.

  9. Lisa says:

    Hey Nicole,
    I just realized that I forgot to thank you for the sweet mention on your blog today-I really am a space cadet at times! Thank you!
    I am so glad that Lucia owns one of those gorgeous charms, i hope they make some more, fingers crossed. We do appear to have similar taste-yay! In music as well I believe, I have a little question to ask you on a musical theme soon. Should probably just email you at this point!!!

  10. Patricia says:

    Oh my word, the crack fox is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!! Thanks for sharing your foxy inspiration! I love your work and your thoughtful comments on Resurrection Fern’s blog!

  11. Lisa says:

    Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here, it is nice to meet you! I’m so glad you love the Crack Fox too, I wasn’t able to find the whole scene featuring him on YouTube as I think the producers of the show pull their clips down as soon as they get wind that they are being shared. If you haven’t already, take a look at Season 3 of The Mighty Boosh on DVD, the Crack Fox episode is from that season. Look out for the part about the “tummy shame”-hilarious!
    Thank you again for your kind words, they are very much appreciated.

  12. kinoko says:

    Yay! Foxes 4 Life!!!!

  13. Kate says:

    I love this website the art work is perfect and funny, not forgetting the great CRACK FOX!

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