Goodness For K.


I have spent an unseemly amount of time over the past year collecting together a file of the best online emporiums and other design focused web resources. Annoyingly I lost everything from the past two months when my computer melted, more regular back ups required! I spoke to my dear friend K last week (who doesn’t have the time to peruse the web with a cup of tea looking for gorgeous objects) and decided that it would be fun and hopefully useful to begin posting about my favourite shops and sources of inspiration. Obviously there will be a bias towards handmade, vintage and thrifty items but some new objects will crop up as well. I posted about Little Paper Planes last week, now we are going to visit…


Three Potato Four is one of my favourite places for so many reasons, just look at the wonderfully styled product shots! Three Potato Four is billed as a “Mom and Pop shop… full of unique and vintage modern treasures for your home”. The Mom and Pop are Janet Morales & Stu Eli, they both posses amazing curatorial skills and have a gift for searching out beautifully designed objects. I like the Philosophy behind Three Potato Four, the following can be found via their website:

We started the shop because of our love of collections. We’re collectors, and to us, all products and belongings tell a story. Sometimes that story is about where the object came from, how it was made or who made it. Other times, it’s a story about us and how the object reflects who we are, to ourselves and to others. We live by stories and we shop for stories.

Let’s have a look at some of the lovely things on offer.















Manhattan Poster by Jim Datz


Bird Botanical Print – Japanese Lantern by Geninne Zlatlkis (Geninne also has an Etsy shop where you can purchase her beautiful work).




You can find all of the treasures pictured above over at Three Potato Four. Go and have a sneaky peek!

Oh, and happy one month anniversary to the Lou Lou & Oscar blog. I can’t believe that it is only a month since I began this little endeavor, I am having so much fun and *meeting* some remarkably inspiring and super lovely people. What was originally planned as a place to post some bits and pieces about my creatures has transformed itself into something quite different. As I find myself increasingly interested in, and amazed by, the excellence I see around me everyday, my desire to engage with this wonderful work has grown. My little creatures have been neglected as a result of my enthusiasms, which isn’t too much of a worry, I simply need to make a few adjustments and organize my time more carefully. So, hooray for blogging and connecting with adorable, talented people. I am so excited about my second month here at Lou Lou & Oscar, I wonder what the following weeks will bring?
Thank you all for joining me here, I wish we could all get together for tea and cake.

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6 Responses to Goodness For K.

  1. Oh this is a wonderful find! Mmmm, it would be a dream to emulate this duo! I can track their NYC finds a bit… those handwriting practice books, I’ve bought myself! I am so happy for your blog Lisa, so rich with wonders and thoughtful display, it’s absolutely one of my favorite reads. thank you!

  2. Lisa finding you, your little bunnies, kitties and fish and your blog have been on of the best things to discover this very exciting new year. You started off so fantastic I thought to myself there is no way she can keep up this amazing pace but you did that and more. If you were my neighbor I would bake the very best cake , invite the bathroom snail and my three little aristocats and nicole and what a party we would have. Not so sure about the tea though 🙂

  3. K says:

    Happy 1 month anniversary my darling….. Has been a lovely beginning and end to my day sorting out wedding pics! Thanks for bringing these beautiful things to my attention and for being an inspiration as ever.

    love and kisses xxxxx

  4. Laura says:

    Three Potato Four have some terrific things on their site! They’re being featured in a Storque article on etsy at the moment. Thanks for this interesting post.

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Ah! This is wonderful hun! I know I am going to like this new series! And I love this shop! Thank you so much for this my dear and happy one month birthday to you! I KNOW this is only the beginning of a very wonderful blog!

  6. jessica says:

    tea and cake would be so lovely…and i recently found this site too, via the etsy, and it is dangerously great!

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