LL&O Loves Makool Too!


I have been aware of the fabulous handmade apparel from Makool over at Etsy for a while now. I love the styling of their product shots and, well, the clothes obviously. I have been considering opening a second Etsy shop with my sister Ali dedicated to vintage and customized clothing. Makool was one of the first shops we flagged up as a source of inspiration for our own images (if only we could get anywhere near that good!). I had no idea that the couple behind Makool also have a wonderful online boutique where they stock the Makool clothing line and other handmade items from other designers. Makool Loves You is based in Portland, Oregan. I have heard that Portland is the most ‘European’ of cities in the US, it certainly produces a plethora of hand-making talent. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee!) and enjoy some loveliness from Makool with me!

I particularly like this blouse, handmade in the Netherlands by Lefke de Roos, the little details really get me.

Super fancy organic cotton Jumper (above). It looks like a skirt but it’s really shorts, perfect for tree climbing and hand standing.

Cupcakes for your paws! Made from 100% baby llama yarn, hand dyed, from Peru. Soft, soft, soft.

Super-cool Bicycle Locket, what would you secret away inside?

Perfect for the seamstress or paper artist in your life. This Necklace has scissors that really cut paper, oh so tiny!

Know someone who slacks off in the kitchen, send them a polite message. This tea towel is hand printed by Show Pony in the U.K. Made from fair trade organic cotton.

Items below are available from Makool over at Etsy.

Gray Sparrow Dress.

Late For Tea Dress.

The only patisserie to eat in this dress would have to be from Laduree.

Some Macarons I think!

Anyone care to join me?

Just a quick update about this week’s interview. I have decided to move interview day to Monday, this change will enable me to spend more time on these posts at the weekends. So, no interview tomorrow, but I have a super-galactic treat in store for you on Monday. See you tomorrow kittens! X
Ok, I managed to get it all done for today (Friday), a moveable feast!!!

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7 Responses to LL&O Loves Makool Too!

  1. I SURE would love to join you for some macarons !!!
    x x x

  2. Lisa, you have such an eye for fine details. I love that same blouse so much. I love the idea of clothes with special little hidden details that only the wearer or their most intimate companions would have knowledge of. If I ever designed a clothing line that is exactly how it would be. Sort of like the clothing version of post secret.

  3. I love this too! All of my sewing until a little over a year ago was clothing related… This post is like a “oh my, yes that is whats beautiful” reminder as I sit here in my dull digs! Thinking about opening a shop with your sister, too cool! I’m exited for you!

  4. Chelsey says:

    Oh, I love them! Go Portland! I’m going to go heart that shop!


  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    I love this shop too…so much! And what a lovely post …..that ribbon blouse is to die for. Love!

  6. doreen says:

    Wow…what beautiful clothes! What a lovely blog! I hopped over from decor8 to find you here. So you live off the coast of France? Do you have pictures? I was in SW France last spring. I want to go back!

    Looking forward to seeing your shop!

  7. anisa says:

    hi there!

    Thanks for the flattering write up. So you live in France? Just posted about Dream and Awake, remade vintage finds with lovely photography.

    Please do, drop me a line when you’ve got your new etsy shop up, I’d love to check it out!

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