The Bee’s Knees On Etsy This Week

Hooray Elsita is open again! This beautiful print strikes a chord with me at the moment; Insomnia.

Roberta Art Doll from Danita.

Butterfly Tote from The Craft Pantry.

Pourer from Rae Dunn.

Swimming Pool Plate from LukaLuka.

Printer’s Device Mug from Fieldguided

Doily Drawing also from Fieldguided.

Wool-Embroidered Pleated Bag from Tiny Happy.

Hand Printed Pillow from Maja Backstrom

Hands Collection Original Photograph by Bricolage Life

Ants On My Spoon by Bailey Doesn’t Bark

Tea Towel from Flying Rhymes

Man Versus Snail Badges from Something Different

From the Dream Book Nr. 6 from Dear Dodo

Today I’ll Write A Poem About Spring – Embroidery – Original Textile Art by Cathy Cullis

Deer Boy from Forest Creature

Plushy Wool Pear Parade from Wire & Wool.

Librarian Bear Loves To Read Notebook from Picklehead

Dog from Donkey Pony

Wooden Key Necklace from Crumpet Cake

Mutation of Instinct Print from Wool & Water

Gerald and Linda Preferred to be at Home with Their Cats and Their Books and there was No Sound More Dreaded than the Ringing of a Telephone-Original Painting by Vivienne Strauss

Perfect Butterfly tea set – Saucer from LoucheLab

Wire Fruit Basket from De Beaux Souvenirs

Vintage Secretary Mini Dress fromAllen Company Inc

I have just had to rush over from Flickr to add some work from a brand new Flickr friend, I don’t know how she found me but I’m glad she did! Wonderful hand painted, embroidered and beaded blouses from chou.diane. Diane has an Etsy shop called Hibou Caillou Chou. Below you will find some images of Diane’s work from both Flickr and Etsy.

Inuit Village Blouse.

La Baleine

Mers Anciennes.

Great North Blouse (detail).

Great North Blous (detail) available from Hibou Caillou Chou.

From Hibou Caillou Chou.

Just beautiful work. I would love to wear all of these! Diane describes herself as a “paysagiste, illustratrice et bricoleuse du dimanche” (landscape gardener, illustrator and ‘Sunday handywoman’ which I think must mean that she works on her handmade items at the weekend, in other words part time! I told you that my French was terrible, excuse the literalism, if anyone can help me out here I would be grateful!). What a lovely way to finish this post, I will be keeping a very close eye on Diane’s Flickr site and Etsy shop. Head over heels again!

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5 Responses to The Bee’s Knees On Etsy This Week

  1. diane says:

    thanks you so much for this article!! I found your flickr by reading “design is mine” blog. and i immediately fall in love with the creatures you make, especially the fish boy! your translation is not at all literal:I’m a landscape architect, and i do some illustrations and handmade items on the week-end. 🙂
    thanks again! (and sorry for my English…)

  2. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Oh! These are wonderful….Particularly Diane’s work! Wow. I am so in love! Thank you so much for the intro my dear! Off to check out her shop and work asap!

  3. Chelsey says:

    Oh, I love the whole collection! I would be SOOOO happy with any of these items!


  4. jessica says:

    so much good stuff here! snails, ants on spoons, butterflies… thanks for sharing and introducing me to these new (to me) shops

  5. karuski says:

    I can’t pick my favorite here, too much beauty at once;)
    But as I love bird, I would eventually chooce the pourer by Rae Dunn.

    Lovely blouses, too…


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