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Julia Pott: Howard

I know I am woefully behind the times but I couldn’t let a new short film by Julia Pott pass me by without a huge yelp of joy. Howard is Julia’s first year film from the Royal College of Art … Continue reading

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Loves & A Confession

First some loves. I am a huge fan of the work of painter/illustrator Deth P. Sun. Heroic cats (or cat, who knows!) on dangerous quests, encounters with ghostly tribes and all manner of strange beasts. Little flashes from a larger … Continue reading

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Nostalgic Mole

To cheer myself up (see previous post) I had a little look at a few ‘cartoons’ (as they were called in the 70’s!) I loved as a child. I remember how enchanted I was by Zdenek Miler’s animated films featuring … Continue reading

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