New Year New Post!

Happy New Year everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful festive season full of good things. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and I managed to (sort of, badly!) crack an old nut, look above and you will see the results of my return to knitting! Some of you may know that I exiled myself to a life without making for many years due to an earlier failure with wool and needles. It was a painful process but thanks to the patience & encouragement of my mother in law, Deborah, I can now cast on, knit stitches and cast off-the sense of achievement is intoxicating! I am looking forward to whipping up some creature scarves and maybe even some socks when I get a little more accomplished. I confess that I don’t find knitting as gratifying as sewing or embroidery, it takes so long, I think this will be a small adventure. It is high time I got back to some creature creation, I find myself ready to plug in the sewing machine again, it has been a long break.

We were introduced to the little pirate above on Christmas day, he bears a striking resemblance to Ishi don’t you think? Why do most little boys want to be fire fighters and pirates when they grow up, I miss the days when Ishi wanted to be a hairdresser, a ballet dancer or a builder!

Random shot of a corner of Ishi’s bedroom. I managed to hang the bunting made by the super talented Marichelle of Lifelix at long last too.

We had some spectacular snow fall before Christmas, I miss it, come back pretty white stuff. The light was incredible, other worldly, and so nice to laze around under the duvet with a big tube of sweets.

I was amazed by the show the ice put on for us in December. The images above were taken at Granny’s house in Birmingham, the plants look as if they are trapped in resin.

Very sweet that a tiny bit of our sitting room appeared on Decor8 just before Christmas. I am embarrassed by the untidy cables under the table! Thanks Holly.

Ok, so if I ever get any better at knitting I would love this book available over at Etsy!

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4 Responses to New Year New Post!

  1. when lisa writes a post you feel so grand, your heart starts beating like a big brass band. Oh its a happy new year with lisa, not wonder that it’s lisa that we love.
    ps we really enjoyed a return visit as almost all grown up children to watch mary poppins this christmas and not sure why exactly but it made me think of you.
    margie and family, and kitties, and snails and two nameless fishies
    ( i do believe they have been waiting for you to do the honors)

  2. Phyllis says:

    What a beautiful child and a beautiful post. Happy New Year. Yes, knitting takes a long time for me too, and I am partial to sewing, but anything done with my hands whether it be sewing or knitting or painting I find relaxing. I love your snow photos. I so miss the snow and its beauty and quiet eloquence.

  3. Sonia says:

    ooooh Lisa, I’m missed you so so much !!
    welcome back & Happy New Year to you <3
    I owe you a big fat reply to your awesome NY greeting, I've been such a lame email-replier this week.
    I see Ishi is growing like a weed, my goodness, what a cutie he still remains 😉
    and wow at those ice natural scultpures, that's totally amazing !
    sending you tons of hugs, I'll be emailing you REAL soon, I promise

  4. bex says:

    i love your little creature scarfs…they would lovely around one of your giraffes.

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