Smoke Ring For Rane

Well actually it is a cut paper cloud vortex by Mia Pearlman, standing in as a smoke ring for Rane, I am still here and I hope to answer all of your lovely mails as soon as I can. The owlet is a little better and becoming more mischievous, a sure sign that he is on the mend! Mummy owl has very ragged wings but hopes to be up and flying again any minute now…

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7 Responses to Smoke Ring For Rane

  1. I think I might have seen that smoke signal in the distance last night:)
    I am so glad the little owlette is getting back to his self.

  2. Rane says:

    Thank you for the smoke ring! I am glad to hear
    that your little owlet is getting better.
    Make sure you take care of your wings dear sweet
    momma owl or you will “fall” sick too.
    We tend to wear out ourselves taking care of
    our littleones…. then all that energy and worry
    and late nights catches up with us…. when we
    This is the most beautiful and most “green” smoke
    ring I have ever seen!!! And Mia Pearlman is an
    amazing artist!! Thank you! Those are the clouds
    I would love to have hanging over my head…. I wonder
    if they make paper rain drops when it rains?
    Take care of yourselves while on the mend.
    Rane and Kiddlets.

  3. I am in LOVE with this work. absolutely magical.
    I am so sorry your little one has been unwell!!

  4. Christelle says:

    I’m back after an internet interruption 😉
    And I saw another beautiful L&O discovery.
    Thanks for sharing all your treasures Lisa 🙂


  5. This smoke ring, Lisa, is absolutely stunning !
    Hope everyone is well, now …
    x x x

  6. Phyllis says:

    I feel my life is running ahead of me this week. What an incredible artist. How do you find such amazing people to share?

    Glad your little one is getting better. Yes, it is very important to take care of your special wings. I think we hover under them waiting for the next enchantment when we need to realize you need a little mending too! Take care and know we are all patient.

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