High Summer

Finally back from our travels. In between the diluvian rain the most glorious weather. View from our balcony out towards the Pentland Hills.

Already late July and we manage our first lunch on the balcony!

Heirloom cushion covers, tapestry squares by Ishi’s Great Granny turned into cushion covers by Granny. My contribution, a room to treasure them in.

A new to us old rocking chair, also a family find. It goes amazing well with Apple Papple.

Hedgehog mask from the Booth Museum in Brighton, the Victorians were so good at killing things!

Trying to keep up a constant supply of basil on our less than sunny kitchen windowsill.

Just because I like my flowers and plants.

Our resident urban fox after another deluge. Adam went out to check he was OK, foxy scarpered in lively fashion. Just a little damp.

Living in a rain bound city we get the most amazing rainbows by way of compensation. This was a double but it didn’t photograph well.

Paper raindrops put up in the spring, still relevant during high summer in Scotland. I am becoming more and more obsessed with the weather since our move North, could be age too!

Cloud postcards made an age ago, still waiting for ‘proper’ photographs. Seemed apt though.

Ishi had the most wonderful time exploring the county of Mummy’s childhood, beautiful Sussex in the south of England. Tree climbing at Wakehurst Place and Arts & Crafts delight at Standen.

Birmingham has some lovely gardens too. This one belongs to Granny. Ishi blowing bubbles and avoiding the bees.

The Booth Museum
Wakehurst Place
Standen House

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4 Responses to High Summer

  1. so many wonderful images but ishi blowing bubbles in granny’s garden wins the prize:)

  2. your place and your son are so gorgeous!!
    sounds like you had a great time away 🙂

  3. Sonia says:

    Lots of lovely summer memories ! Thanks for sharing !
    Ishi is so adorable ! I love the happy drops & cloud postcards too 🙂
    Happy August to you, my friend.

  4. Jesse Lu says:

    May I just say… I love the pictures of your home. That little dining nook with said new rocker has always been a favorite of mine. I love the yellow rocker too!

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