Early Autumn Etsy

My son Ishi is just beginning to understand something of the passage of time, we are exploring early autumn, waiting for the leaves to fall so that we can try and catch them. I can’t wait for the conkers to be ready, come on horse chestnuts, so that I can introduce Ishi to the joy of a game of conkers. Hmm, a three year old and a piece of string with a hard object attached to the end! Please enjoy some of my autumnal favourites.

I adore the title of this print from Ashleyg (above), Finding The Perfect One.

Queen Ann’s Lace Towel from Lotta Helleberg. Fresh and crip, yum, yum, yum!

Reuben-Original print from The Dark Tree. Sweet, with a side of sinister, portraits of vintage toys.

The yummiest tote from Rennes le Chateau

Real Feeling Leaf Index Post It Notes from Nothing Elegant. I was wary of sharing this shop as there are several little things I would like from it and I can’t get them at the moment, but that wouldn’t be in the spirit of things so shop up a storm!

Little Linen House from Harvest Textiles. Earthy!

All-In-One Agenda from Lineacarta. I really, really *want* this because it is beautiful, happily I *need* it too, so some chance of success with the iron chancellor (Adam-hello dear!).

I love pencils, these would go so well with the agenda above. From Nothing Elegant (again!).

Teardrop String of Pearls Terrarium from Monkeys Always Look. Takes me back to my 70s childhood, we had a huge bottle terrarium at my infant school. I’m glad terrariums are back in favour again, did anyone else make saucer gardens as a child too? Lots of moss and if you were really fancy a little mirror pond!

Ishi is desperate for a skateboard (and helmet too, he is super conscientious about this!). Maybe one day I will get him this wonderful one from Stuart Kolakovic.

Forager from Amy Ruppel. Dreamy.

Salt Pepper Dispensers from Chance Vintage. Very tiny!

Leafy Dottie from Allyson Mellburg. No tears today!

Abigail Brown is now making Butterfly Brooches. Pretty.

Perfect for my pencils and other doings, just $13 too, sometimes I wonder how Etsy sellers manage. Available from Zomb.

Early Riser by Dr Kennedy Jones. Autumnal.

I know *another* tea towel, can’t get enough of them. From Spin Spin.

Fox print from Eek Design. Because it’s a fox!

One day I am going to own a creature from Lemmikkiapina, they are all so heartbreakingly beautiful. Sigh.

Winter by The Good Machinery. I adore wintertime but wouldn’t it be wonderful to carry an invincible summer inside yourself.

Dr Love Is On A Mission from Meeniak. Look at the tiny bike! I need this little guy to visit my house.

The design of this bag from Psarokokalo is fabulous. Handsfree style is pretty essential with a 3 year old in tow, much cooler than a rucksack. Useful, may be in with a chance if I do a bit of begging!

Portraits, Letter and Notes from the Past by Paola Zakimi. Gorgeous!

Happy Apartment Building by Chet and Dot. I am in a whimsical mood today I think.

Two Sisters-Original Acrylic Painting by Elizabeth Bauman. Curious.

Stripe Top from Larimeloom. Stripes always get me.

I am planning a round up of the best places on Etsy to buy your christmas presents and goodies, hopefully this will be ready in plenty of time. This plan is deigned to be useful to people like my wonderful friend K who never have the time to browse, a quick, go-to resource. If any of you lovely kittens have any suggestions I am all ears.

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3 Responses to Early Autumn Etsy

  1. i just thought I would check my mail for a minute and now 30 minutes later after checking all these amazing shops, most of which I was unfamiliar with, my children are starving and the sun has set. Too cool tonight to eat on the porch, so clear the dining room table that hasn’t been used in months, I must. Do you see the effect you have on us, your dear dedicated followers sweet lisa.

  2. Katrine K says:

    Wow, these are wonderful inspirational finds, thanks for sharing! Love all your work by the way..!

  3. ambika says:

    These finds are so amazing. I’ve added at least half of these to my favorites. I swear, sometimes I’m so overwhelmed by online browsing I just give up–or rely on the same old bookmarks. Truly inspirational.

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