Time for my annual pre-birthday round up of stuff I would like from Etsy! Big comedy villain laugh, the wonderful painting above by Cathy Cullis is already mine, couldn’t resist a little brag.

Little printed coin purse from Caitlin Hinshelwood, yes please.

Articulated Zebra from Faye Moorhouse.

Yummy gloves for next winter from Sarah McNeil.

Antique toy army tent from Every Eskimo.

Ahhh, creepy but fabulous canvas print, Antigonus the fox by Beaumont Studio. The dark hues are great, so sick of the hegemony of white in our place, I have dyed the sofa charcoal, not only because of the chocolate button stains!

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2 Responses to Hoping

  1. i love all your choices too
    but that antique army tent is just way to awesome

  2. Sonia says:

    I kinda agree with Margie & with you of course
    Cathy’s work is so exquisite, I could have pieces of hers all around the place ! (if my wallet allowed !)
    and the tent is just too amazing for words
    let’s say we all gather virtually for playing with the tents & old dolls & soft creatures

    thank you so much for your kind words on the blog, always
    looking forward to catching up with you too
    xoxo much love !!

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