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Today is a pretty one, just crying out for some delicious handmade goodness. I have been spending too much time over the past couple of days grappling with my dissatisfaction over the images that are currently in my Etsy shop, wrangling with their lack of personality and marveling at everyone else’s fantastic shots. Really, I would like to start again, revaluate and learn a lot more about photography. I have a few new things for the LL&O shop waiting in line to have their photograph taken, I am thinking of postponing this weeks shop update so that I can find some time to concentrate fully on lights and the camera. We will see. Less frustratingly, make sure that you pop back later in the week for another super fantastic interview. Until later my dears.

Printemps VI wallpaper necklace (above) from L’Oiseau Rare

Mr Owl Top from Me & Oli

1931 Bambi edition & Old Oval wooden frame both from Little Byrd Vintage.

A Grand Discovery print from Groundwork

Button Collection with Grey Screen Printed Button Holder from I Love Grey Skies

Pink Teacups from Silocurb

Frida Lace Necklace from Fox & Clover

Book Notes Journal – Letterpress Cover from Small Square Design

Moths Ball Print from Dear Dodo

Apple Jacket from Jacquelineknits

Everybody’s book of kittens zine from Gemmabear

Vintage Purse from Show Pony

Big Plans print from Joutomaa

5 pocket Okinawa leather bag from Valhallabrooklyn

Slanted Bow Top from Lamixx

Antique Lace Card from Hibou Cards

Hair Pins by The Sparrow’s Nest

Vintage Arabia Pitcher w Cat, Finland, Kaj Franck from Domestikate

Bandit Lunch Sack from The Small Object

Picnic Table Shirt from Oh Leoluca

Arctic Foxen from Abigail Brown

Fibonacci rabbit number pin from Das Kaninchen

Lovebirds Plate from Nina In Vorm

Answer a riddle painting from LoucheLab

THANK YOU wood stationery set from Palomasnest

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10 Responses to Pretty Etsy

  1. oh! I love every single thing Lisa! swoon!

  2. tanya/strikk says:

    oh wow! what an amazing collection. such a feast.

  3. Jennifer says:

    These aare wonderful finds! The photography thing is such a challenge. I’m working hard on it too 🙂

  4. Dee says:

    Lovely finds.

  5. 315thomas says:

    absolutely lovely etsy finds! some new and old favorites of mine in there…


  6. ninainvorm says:

    I was just going to tell you how much I loved this collection, when I saw my own plate being included… Thanks Lisa! And I still like all the other finds too! Your blog can almost replace my etsy favorites collection… 😉

  7. stacy antonelle says:

    thank you, lovely things!!

  8. Laura says:

    These are so pretty

  9. Phyllis says:

    Again, I pop into visit and click off feeling so much joy and optimism. (Forgive me if I repeat myself). I return to fill myself with all the tender images and incredible imagination of featured artists. You have such a gift for finding these amazing people. I am such a dedicated follower, and it has become a little addictive, but thank you for these inspirations!

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