Some Etsy Joy

Yesterday I was buzzing with ideas and so excited to be planning new projects. I managed to bag a little something on ebay that I am going to use as the starting point for my next piece. There may even be a collaborative project germinating, more on this soon I expect! Today of course things are a little flat, impossible to fly everyday, so I am going to concentrate on planning Ishi’s third birthday celebrations. I can reveal that so far a desire has been expressed for chocolate AND carrot cake, meerkats, a big boy bike and candles, really the cake and candles are the most important element for our son! Happily I am able to meet all of these wishes, including the meerkats as Durrell have just opened a new desert landscape enclosure with a meerkat dome, yes, you can get face to face! Have no doubt that I will be posting a self-indulgent/proud mummy something here next week. Ishi’s birthday is also after all a time for me and Adam to marvel at the fact of his existence and I always enjoy reliving the events of Ishi’s birth, it is a bonding time for all of us. I hope you enjoy the gathering of Etsy wonders I have prepared for you, I can feel a little inspiration creeping in looking at them. Especially true of The Dream Stays With Me print (above) from Gretchen Mist, beautiful colours, they sing, I could gaze upon them all day.

Royal Buffet

Laptop Bag from Track & Field

Scandinavian Red Hare from Dee Beale

Mr Plumm from Holli

Across – Felt cuff from Drawing Room

Crawler Pincushion-sea green from Alleluja. I am obsessed with this shop! See that little pendant in the middle I have requested one with bunny ears, I can’t wait until it is ready! I love these tiny darlings so much here are a few more images.

Invincible Summer Anthology Vol. II from Spinster Summer

1950’s Housewife Dress in Pink and Grey from Jess James Jake

Nature Lover Necklace in Rock Maple from Naomi Murrell

Hello There Pencils from Simple Song

Early Bird Gets the Worm from BROOKLYNrehab

Flower Quilted Dress – Original 70s Vintage from Celapiu

Ceramic Deer from Fruit Fly Pie

1920s clip board from Blue Bell Bazaar

la dentelle needlebook 2 from Field Guided

Mr. Susan Is Angry Because Deep Down, He’s Really Sad from Mon Petit Fantome

Birch Bark flower vase or votive candle holder from New Hampshire Wood Creations


Trilobite Triptych from Donkey Wolf

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11 Responses to Some Etsy Joy

  1. thanks so much Lisa! you’ve found some beautiful work – i love the allelujah pendant too, so sweet. hope your little boy has a great birthday {in advance} 🙂

  2. melissa says:

    gah- so much goodness!!
    you are my favourite etsy-curator, lisa. 🙂

  3. My favorite curator of just about everything!! I love the little allelujah guy with the fern and english daisies. How cute and sweet is that ???
    Can’t wait to hear about or see your new projects and please place me on a waiting list for collaborations before the list gets toooooo long.
    Your sea loving creatures and my stones would really get along swimmingly.

  4. Kit Lane says:

    What a stunning collection of goodness! I love them all!! Like you Im drawn and compelled to Alleluja’s work, my alien hand syndrome clicking the “Buy” button now twice in her shop.

  5. Rane says:

    Wow Happy birthday Ishi! They grow up so fast!!

    I love all of your finds, so creative! I marvel at everyones
    talent! I think that I love the pin~cushions! They are oh so
    cute!! Kawaii! Love it, and great when you don’t want to lug
    around a big pin~cushion! LOve the colors too!
    Hope you have a wonderful evening!
    Loads of love to you and your family,

  6. Jessica says:

    Beautiful finds!

  7. Eerika says:

    Such a yummy selection!
    And I agree with Melissa, you’re the best Etsy-curator ever! 😀

  8. Thank you so much for including me in your finds! I appreciate the curator love!
    (Trilobite Triptych)

  9. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Oh, wow! I have missed so much goodness over here on beautiful LL& O!
    Thank you for all of these lovely finds hun! wow! And Happy early birthday to your dear little one! I love that Ishi and Tallulah are so close in age! 3 is a great age! Have a wonderful time hun!

  10. jessica- MR says:

    love the part about how it’s impossible to sustain that “flying high” feeling. i i’ll feel it so good sometimes and then get stuck the very same day. but looking at your picks and even hearing about Ishi’s birthday makes me want to get off the computer and go to it… thanks!

  11. Mecca says:

    Just wanted to say I love your style! Great Blog…
    ~Mecca 🙂

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