Charlotte Forever


For everyone who enjoyed the Gainsbourg family love-in over at Flickr the other day I thought I would post this video for your enjoyment. Father and daughter plus a rather disturbing black leather glove!

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  1. Such provocateurs! Oh Lisa, that glove and the weird giggle sound at the end of “Charlotte”.
    I’m just super relieved you didn’t put up “Inceste de citron”.

  2. Provocateurs , now that was the word I might have been looking for this morning when I first read and watched this post. I think this one could have been titled” inceste de gant noir” .
    I love the music but I really have a difficult time with the incest having dealt way to much in my professional life with the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse and incest survivors.

  3. it’s definetly in the camp of “shock art” trespassing into taboo boundaries…
    in the vanity fair interview, “Charlotte says she loved doing the song with him—”although I look at it now and I see how uncomfortable I look in the video, like a robot.” She knew then what the subject was, she knew he liked to shock people, and, she admits, so does she, but she feels the “scandal” was overblown.”
    It is, I think, akin to Siouxsie Sioux wearing a black armband with a swastika on it which she said was ‘used to shock the bourgeoisie, not as a political statement’.
    but a swastika is a Swastika after WW11 and incest (alluded to or otherwise) well…is Incest. It seems Serge was a testy man, pushing boundaries in perhaps not so much a socially progressive or even constructive way but in a “fuck you, I can, it’s MY art (and my families in on the joke)” way … and I don’t think he minded offending. It keeps people away and in fact he was a shy man.
    Okay, I PROMISE this is the last astro tidbit from me…Vincent Gallo is also an aries…oh my does that man like to piss people off.

  4. nicoletter says:

    Thank you so much for your nice compliment at my blog. It’s good to hear, somebody like my style.
    I like your Lou Lou & Oscar blog: nice-looking, multifarious and clever.
    Best wishes, Nico

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