Cheer Me Up

Tiny things to cheer me up from Mieke Willems

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3 Responses to Cheer Me Up

  1. I am sending you a big canadian arctic fox kiss and a polar bear hug with some little arctic hare inuit nose rubbings thrown in to cheer you up. Thanks for brightening our lives with your always wonderful curated posts.

  2. LISAAAA !!! I was planning to order this notebook for you !!!

    I’d love to jump in our imaginray boat to come and visit you. And take some long walk on the beach with Ishi & you …
    I’d bake cakes, too 😉

    x x x

  3. Christelle says:

    It’s one of my fav* too….
    not so stange indeed ^___^
    When it’s beautiful, it’s so easy to love!

    big hug sweetie

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