Klaus Haapaniemi

I have fallen in love with the work of Finnish Designer Klaus Haapaniemi. Folkloric, highly decorative with a touch of manga thrown in. Haapaniemi describes his style as “contemporary Baroque with a Scandinavian twist” and sites his biggest influences as animation and design from Russia and Czechoslovakia. The tableware is surprisingly affordable and oh so tempting. That foxy plate is destined for my wish list. Enjoy the visual feast below.

More information at Littala.

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7 Responses to Klaus Haapaniemi

  1. Too funny!! You just showed the exact blue mug above that I am drinking my morning coffee in. It is my favorite machine manufactured mug and one I purchases a few years ago at our local Finnish shop at their after Christmas sales. It would be amazing to have a mix and match set of all the above. It would be like having your very own world of fantastical animals in their even more fantastical environments on your dinner table.

  2. Lisa says:

    Ahhh, you have a local Finnish shop! I need to get back to civilization! I am so happy that you own some of this guys fabulous work, I am slow on the uptake, I have only just come across him. I am all for fantastical animals, Ishi just told me that he wants to eat stars for breakfast, I love that!!!!!

  3. I got a red mag…love his work

  4. Rane says:

    LOL! I am drinking my coffee out of a bert and ernie mug….
    *sigh* I can dream…hehehe!!!! This artist is amazing!
    Wow what a lot of tuesday eye candy! Thank you for
    introducing me to a new and wonderful artist.
    Hope you have a beautiful day!

  5. Eerika says:

    I actually have some blue Taika pieces (two of the blue cups you posted and two of the blue foxy plates) that I got as a Christmas present some years back, and now I want to add some yummy, summery Satumetsä to my collection too.
    I just noticed that Iittala doesn’t have pictures of the red Taika dinnerware that they had out this Christmas, which is a shame since it was really pretty.

    It does help that I live near an Iittala outlet.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Amazing! How beautiful! I have not seen these before. Thank you for sharing.

  7. karuski says:

    His illustrations are simply magical! I have blue Taika cereal bowls, they are lovely. What’s great about this tableware is that you can easily mix and match them with iittala’s Teema series which is a beautiful contemporary collection.

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