Latest Crush: Mari Andrews


I am supposed to be filling in my Dad’s tax return for him this morning, instead I have been lost in the work of Mari Andrews (found via The Storque). This is really incredible work. Here is a snippet from Mari’s website:

My work has evolved out of years of drawing and obsessive collecting. Through sculpture I weave these two actions together. Wire, pine needles, branches and other linear material carry on the drawing practice while moving the work into the sculptural realm. Time spent gathering, cleaning and storing of collected objects, whether they are man-made or natural, allows for a kind of wonder and intimacy with each object. This gleaned information is crucial while combining materials to make new, hybrid forms.

Structures of all kinds from cellular and mineral to plant and skeletal, inform the work. The pieces become a collaboration of materials and intention, with the materials often altering my concept and practice of working. Various temporal and delicate objects I elect to work with often mirror our human sensitivities and vulnerabilities…I transform the materials used in these sculptural drawings to bring attention to fragile and often fugitive objects that might otherwise go unnoticed.







Hop over and immerse yourself in all this beauty. Now on with the number crunching-urgh!
Mari Andrews
The Storque

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4 Responses to Latest Crush: Mari Andrews

  1. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    How incredible! Wow….I am in love with that last image so much…..thank you for the introduction! Sorry you are number crunching! ;(

  2. Stefanie says:

    Mari’s work is wonderful! Good luck with the numbers!

  3. Phyllis says:

    Such amazing art by Mari! How do you unearth such incredible pieces to share. It is always so inspiring over here. Thank you for the heart tugs!

  4. i saw her work on the storque article as well and it really reminded me of my own work or at least what I may have envisioned in my mind but not had the time or place to see to fruition. Some of her pieces also are so very similar to arounna’s ( bookhou) . I will have to ask her whether or not she know of her next time we chat.
    Lisa do you know why I am no longer getting your updates emailed to me ?

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