March Hares Again plus Winner Announced

Harum scarum March is here again, my favourite month. This particular March will be an incredibly full one and I hope to be able to announce some exciting news very soon. I will be keeping a low profile for the rest of this week as Mr A is out of town, just the bean and me, ballet rehearsals and lots of nervous nail biting.
Bob the Hare (above) from Kyoko Imazu.

Polar Bear Love print (above) from Spinster Summer

Sticking with the polar theme I am about to announce the winner of my little giveaway. Drum role for the random number thingamy – the winner is Diane (dkoss2) , hooray! I will be in touch a little later to ask you for your address and choice of star. Thank you so much to everyone who took part, that was fun, now I have broken my contest duck I won’t be so worried about doing another one. Watch this space!
Oh and the reason for the giveaway, the release of my exclusive for Schmancy, you can adopt one of the polar pack here right now!
I am pretty sure I had some other state smashingly interesting things to share with you but my jelly head isn’t cooperating. Ishi is obsessed with skipping/jump rope, we watched this video a thousand times yesterday. Malcolm McLaren annoys me but I confess I liked this song at the time. Ace skipping!

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  1. I daren’t watch Double Dutch before bedtime – I know I wouldn’t be able to get the tune out of my head!
    This is to let you know you’re blog is in my Sunshine Blog Award favourites. 🙂

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