Something From Your Heart


I can feel my heart healing over today after the vicious piercing it has sustained. I was drawn to this Book of Love, Valentine’s Art Kit from Louchelab and had to share it with you to celebrate my returning joie de vivre!



Each kit contains a small notebook, a pencil and 5 coloured crayons, all wrapped in a white fabric bag depicting two silhouettes in red. Instead of simply sending a card you can make and send a little book of love. What a beautiful idea. Someone very close to me is having a hard time at the moment and I think he might appreciate a little book of love from his big sister. There are so many lovely, well-considered pieces for Valentine’s Day out there at the moment and I am planning a bit of a round up later. The little kit from Louchelab is at the top of my list.

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  1. Those are so sweet.

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