Thankful to catch the tail end of Diamonds in the Rough at The Scottish Gallery yesterday. I was particularly taken with Kirsty Sumerling’s work.

Just because I love this window.

Via a little more like this.

Kirsty Sumerling.
The Scottish Gallery.

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2 Responses to Structures

  1. Sonia says:

    oh wow, the window is pretty amazing indeed !
    I should play with white paint next summer !
    (because we’ll be lacking good light soon enough !)
    Thank you so much for your verrrry kind & sweet words
    I shall make a little tour of our place … I had made one before we moved in
    but never got around to do it AFTER we moved in LOL
    (probably due to too much mess … ahah)
    I hope the sun is shining in Scotland these days
    sending you sunny & warm hugs all the way from here
    take good care, sweet friend

  2. i love those pieces too so very much
    it is like geologist meets the arts and craft period
    big hug lisa
    (just finished a very boring breakfast)

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