Will There Or Won’t There Be A Shop Update Today?… But, More Importantly, Nina Invorm!


I am hoping that my planned shop update happens today. I am a little behind with everything as usual and need to sort through the pictures from our photo shoot yesterday. We had to borrow some lights from Adam’s work so that we can get some usable images for Etsy. We have little daylight here at this time of year and we live in a cottage with tiny windows, we are lurking about in the gloom much of the time! We have no idea what we are doing with those lights, it is fun experimenting and we are lucky to have them. Come and visit a little later if you are free for the answer to this post’s tantalizing question!!!

More importantly go and take a look at Nina Invorm’s stunning blog. I came across this beautiful image in Nina’s Flickr photostream today which reminded me to go and check in with her latest posts. Everything Nina does is just perfect, she possesses the most enviable aesthetic sensibility. From gorgeous ceramics to the art of display, I am in a state of rapture when I look at Nina’s work. Phew, I guess I like it then!

Aren’t you glad that you stuck with my boring shop update post now?!

Addendum: It appears to me that I am failing to do justice to the wonderful work I am mentioning here, Nina Invorm and Nicole of Astulabee being the most pressing examples. I am pretty much writing these posts ‘on the fly’, as things occur to me, with little planning or proper consideration. I do hope to return to the fantastic artists I have mentioned so briefly here over the past few days. I need a little more time to arrange my day so that my blog isn’t hurried over. Oh, I do sound whiny, sorry!

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5 Responses to Will There Or Won’t There Be A Shop Update Today?… But, More Importantly, Nina Invorm!

  1. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    You do not sound whiny at all! 🙂 Ohh…with such a ringing endorsement I am on my way over to her blog right now! Thank you!

  2. I love those ceramics as well, especially the red drop one! i agree with melissa… really! my goodness you have more than done me justice!! WAY more.
    I just saw you have a link to the Fall! oh my i’d love to consult on a music theme… I think we do have similar taste! 🙂
    good luck with your update. xo!

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Nicole,
    Yay! We played the Fall as we walked down the ‘aisle’ of the registry office! I need to get that email off to you, such a complicate one, I have to remember to check your address, fill you in on wedding post and birds, ask you a couple of music questions, thank you for various kindnesses,tell you my story about the English version of Chex, mention an idea that you won’t have time for at the moment but in the future I hope- on a wolf theme! Blimey! I have forgotten some other things. This isn’t really the place, will make it all right tomorrow!
    Will copy and paste this off via Flickr mail in case you don’t read this today! Sorry, I’m a bit manic!

  4. yeah! ha! this is turning into private email fodder… i was looking at wolf photos today…
    xo lisa! you are the best!

  5. margaret oomen says:

    i think the comments are as equally interesting as the post and by the way I love Nina’s blog.
    Your spontaneity is a breath of fresh air in blogland.

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