Hannah Zakari Lookbook & Cat Person 6

I dropped some kitties off at the wonderful Hannah Zakari shop yesterday, including number 6 above, suitably autumnal I think.

I also snagged a copy of the Hannah Zakari Look Book, a little piece of art really. If you look closely you can see one of the Cat People peeking out from the pages.

All is a little quiet on the blog front right now while me and Ishi navigate the first few weeks at big school. He likes to relax in his space suit after class!

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5 Responses to Hannah Zakari Lookbook & Cat Person 6

  1. Sonia says:

    how much I wish I could drop by
    and have coffee/tea with you
    the boys would play together
    and we’ll chat away the hours …
    I know everything can come true
    it will happen

  2. Goodness ! This new Cat People is the best ever !! I truly adore your new creatures !
    And this picture of Ishi is my absolute favourite. I go to the printer and get one printed 🙂

    I miss you.
    x x x

  3. * I meant “I might go to the printer”

  4. your son reminds me so much of my son ben at that age
    except exhange the space suit for a dragon suit:)

  5. Kristen Rask says:

    awesome! your son is adorable too! xoxo

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