Plush Frenzy in Seattle!

Plush You 2009 & Memphis 1st day 2nd grade 119

How I wish I had been in Seattle on Friday for the opening of Plush You 2009. I got the first reports from the show via Danamarie of Green Star Studio fame (I *need* a knitimal!) through Twitter. I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to be with my gang, marvel at the artistry and imaginative power on display, give Kristen a hug and say hello to everyone in person. I really want to know who my creatures are hanging out with over there? Kristen puts such a lot of work and heart into Plush You and I would love to give her a big hug and a very loud *thank you* for all of her support and encouragement. Dawn, you will know her work very well, and her husband took all of the product shots for the show, a huge undertaking and they deserve a super big thank you too. You can view some of the shots over on Dawn’s blog, Plush-a-holic. Dawn took the beautiful picture of The Bird Suit (above) by the way, thanks Dawn.

Yay, some images from the show are up on Flickr here. As you can see my gang are hanging out with Melissa Sue Stanley’s incredible creatures. Jinx looks a little worried, perhaps it is the proximity of Narwhal Fish Boy’s horn? I am happy to say that all three of my little ones are off to new homes, I know they will be well behaved and give lots of love to their new owners. Congratulations to everyone involved, it has been such a privilege to take part. Three cheers!

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13 Responses to Plush Frenzy in Seattle!

  1. Watch out bird suit I think that tentacle is getting really close to grabbing you. Totally understandable as I am sure everyone who saw the show wanted to grab all three of you and bring you home to live with them. Incredible work lisa and a show favorite I am sure. Hugs to bird suit, polar fish narwhal and jinx, especially jinx.

  2. Ha ha ! You’re so true : Jinx looks kinda worried 😀
    I am so very happy (but not surprised) to read that your three litte ones found new homes already ! Yay ! Lucky owners !

    And being “paired” with Melissa Sue ! Yee ha ! She’s such a doll that one !

    Why are we so far away, Lisa … Whyyyyy ? :'(
    x x x

  3. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    OMG….I am so in love with “bird suit”! Fantastic hun! so awesome, and yet another place I wish I could go to see your work shine!

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  5. Eerika says:

    Your guys look so good hanging out at the show!
    Also, much love to polar narwhal fishboy. ♡

  6. how sweet is your creature! looks like a great show 🙂

  7. Chelsey says:

    What a neat show! I had never heard of it. I’ll have to drive up for it next year!


  8. Dawn says:

    OH man…I was my pleasure.
    I took a bunch but did not get to take a photo of all but when the show came around I tried to get the rest…I know I missed some but there were people and talking and our daughter came with. It was super fun…btw…my husband really wanted that Narwhal…..any chance you might make another that is similar??????? Or in the same Narwhal vein???? Just had to ask. Your work is AMAZING!!

  9. joanie says:

    I love this sweet little face and her skirt – fantastic show, fantastic you!

  10. danamarie says:

    i’m still in seattle (but in vacation mode, and nursing a sprained foot) but i’ll let you know when i get MY plush you pics on my flickr too (though you’ve already got a lot of great pics from others). it was great to see your work in real life. so very beautiful. xoxo

  11. Melissa Sue says:

    Hey! I was so thrilled to see my work in such great company! Big hugs and congrats!! xoxo

  12. Orange Pop says:

    Every now and then I peek at all the wonderful you do… and now I could not resist to post 😉 Your little creatures are so wow, I really enjoy seeing them showing up here and there. I love the upper one here (top picture). Keep it up, I’m smitten 😉

  13. caro says:

    Those little creatures are so lovely and cute. Pretty good work!

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