A Handmade Birthday

One of the lovely things about extending my birthday week is that it gives me the perfect opportunity to share the handmade gifts I received with you. I am a lucky and extremely happy birthday girl!


First off is a gift I bought for myself (every birthday I choose a couple of meaningful items to mark the turn of another year). I ordered this a while ago, you may remember it from the Forget-Me Not show at Gallery Hanahou in February. How felicitous that it actually arrived the day after my birthday, just in time to appear in this post. You may have noticed that there is a very special someone missing from my birthday/spring extravaganza, where is Miss Nicole of Astulabee, surely you aren’t still honouring that admiration truce from way back? Everyone knows how important Nicole is to me, I adore her as an artist and as a person (who wouldn’t? Such beauty, intelligence and all round good-egg-ness!). I would have pestered for a little something but the lady has been so busy with the American Craft Council show and hot on its heels this amazing project, I didn’t want to add to the mix. Oh but be assured I will be badgering soon, very soon (sorry Nicole!).


The piece is called My Love For You Is A Roller Coaster and I love it more than I can say. As you can see from the detail above the stitch work is so very fine and delicate and yet so powerful at the same time. I was truly astounded when I took it out of its protective wrapping, thank you Nicole for being such a genius!


Who is that foxy fellow with the sly and cheeky countenance? Why it is Mr Arctic Dodger of course, I have been warned that he is little bit tricksy, he has behaved impeccably so far and keeps me company from his window sill vantage point. I see him silhouetted against the night sky and sometimes I swear he is waving at me. Dodger is a gift from the unbelievably amazing Margie of Resurrection Fern, he is so beautifully designed and realized, right down to his removable wool jumper. If you look carefully you can see Dodger’s companion Etienne the Merfish, who travelled with my foxy friend to keep a scaly eye on him! I was moved to tears by Margie’s beautiful gift, and though we have never met in person, I have some little pieces of Margie’s magical presence around me. Thank you so much Margie.


Hooray, someone must have read my birthday wishlist post! I received the loveliest bag of birthday goodies from my dear friend Karin, including these gems from Etsy. I have been drooling over the reading wolves print from Oh My Cavalier for ages and am so happy that it is mine, all mine!


So very precious. I am in love with these tiny little twig hairclips from The Sparrow’s Nest. They were packaged so beautifully in a hand stamped box filled with fairy-sized paper leaves. Perfect.


And, yes, yes, yes, do you remember the darling miniature plastic fawns from The Thin Veil, just crying out to sit on top of some pretty cupcakes? Well, I have some. They are so photogenic, I am going to have some fun with these. Thank you so much Karin and Evie for giving me the most wonderful gifts and thanks also to Mr Probert for flying the best presents of all over to me!


Do you recognize that exquisite style? No one illustrates vintage garments as beautifully as Diane. I knew that this had to be my birthday dress as soon as I saw it. My pictures don’t do it justice. You really need to feel the weight of this dress, examine the beautiful beadwork and explore the enchanted subaqueous garden Diane has created. I am becoming a bit of a collector of pieces from Hibou Caillou Chou, this is seriously desirable art work and you can wear it too! Diane is another wonderful person that I have *met* through Etsy and blogging, I am so happy and proud to be a part of such an amazing community. You are one of the coolest Diane!



I hope that you are feeling inspired by all of this handmade goodness? There is plenty more coming up this week. Don’t forget to pop back later for a very special announcement. Hmm, curious!

**Etsy is down at the moment for site maintenance so I can’t access the shop links, I will return and edit the post later with the appropriate contact information**

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7 Responses to A Handmade Birthday

  1. Wow ! Seems like someone is gonna have a very “wolfy” year ! It could only mean the best 🙂
    x x x

  2. What wonderful gifts. That dress is amazing.

  3. I was wondering what a wolfy year might mean and so I remembered what the native canadians belief that the WOLF is a teacher, path finder and a very strong tenacious creature. Hmm, I think that might fit, you have already taught me so much. It is so wonderful to have friends, even one’s that you have never met in person who help to round out your education in such marvelous ways.
    I am wishing I could take the week off work to sit a knit you your very own little hoodie complete with wolf ears 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    oh, what beautiful birthday goodies. I love those little twig hair clips, and the dress! Just stunning!

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    *sigh* Just sooo wonderful and lovely! Nicole’s beautiful piece, Margie’s genius little wolf with his very own hoody and fish friend ! and of course the sweet books and twigs(love the tiny little leaves) and last but, not least…..the beautiful dress. All genius and all filled with love, no doubt. Special people have special friends…..I am SO glad you had a happy one dear Lisa!

  6. I keep coming up speechless(wordless) in my attempts to comment. Lisa, you are just such a love and the wonderful things you surround yourself with and receive are just a mirror of your own beauty! I really must sincerely thank you for all your support Lisa, it means the world to me.

  7. Eerika says:

    Wonderful, wonderful presents!
    Looks like you had a really lovely birthday. 🙂

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