Beyond The Tree Line

Hello Polar Bear! I am working on a top secret project and immersing myself in the Arctic, really a boundless source of inspiration. I have been studying A Naturalist’s Guide to the Arctic written by the ecologist, E.C. Pielou, so that my fanciful imaginings and magical projections about the polar region are tempered with a dash of natural history. I have a head full of patterned ground, tundra polygons and ponds, not to mention the plants, birds, mammals, fish and insects.

Can it really be a year since I stitched my first Polar Fish Boy? I wonder where my armchair expedition will take me this time!

Continuing the polar theme I received two wonderful mini books for Christmas by the illustrator Jackie Bos, pop over to Jackie’s Etsy shop and marvel at I Heart The Arctic .

I like the collage above by Lizzy Janssen too, it is named Land of Shine.


Of course I couldn’t get away without including some work by Diane of Hibou Caillou Chou! Diane’s work is influenced by Inuit culture and the Great North, poetic lines indeed.

The Polar Bear Plate by One Blackbird caught my imagination as well.

Happy New Year everyone!

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11 Responses to Beyond The Tree Line

  1. Eerika says:

    Very happy New Year to you too, from the cold, cold north!
    (It’s currently -17°C here.)

  2. Polar Fish Boy makes me smile. Intrigued by your new adventure. I’ll look forward to seeing what will be.

  3. Oh Lisa, what a interesting post, as usual (I must add). Your picks are stunning. Diane’s designs are so lovely indeed, she’s very talented.
    Happy New Year to you & yours ! A healthy, creative, joyful & simple one ! hugs oxox

  4. i’m curious too!
    such beautiful finds.
    happy new year Lisa! 🙂

  5. When I was working on my gift for my husband for christmas I thought it would be a brown bear in the canoe but low and behold a polar bear was born again and for some reason he was perfect. I think as the polar ice cap continues to melt at the rate it is melting the inuit will need to abandon their kayaks and take up the canoe for travel. I have that same book and used it for inspiration for my first plush you set in 2008 and many times since. You and I should take a little trip to the arctic one day, sleep on the tundra and watch the aurora borealis dance in the sky.

  6. Phyllis says:

    Happy New Year, Lisa! I am intrigued as well. Looking forward to your explorations in 2010. I always love my visits here!

  7. diane says:

    The book sounds very interesting!
    I remember I have a fauna&flora that describes the arctic area, i love reading it.
    I’m very curious about this secret project!
    A very happy New Year Lisa!!

  8. *Happy New Year* to you and your little bears, too, my Love.
    May 2010 be brighter than 2009 and filled with love, joy and success. And more get-togetherness, ok ?
    I miss you,
    x x x

  9. Kristen Rask says:

    is this secret what i think it might be??? i can’t wait. xoxoxo

  10. Samantha says:

    That ‘I Heart the Arctic Book’ is beautiful. I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. The arctic is such a mysterious place.

  11. Deb says:

    Wish I’d seen your polar bear boy before this 🙂
    I bought the I Heart the Arctic Book for my daughter , it’s beautiful;

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