Fiber Arctic


Hands up who has somewhere more exciting to be than the opening of Fiber Arctic at Schmancy this Friday! Kristen Rask has curated the show which showcases “an amazing group of fiber artists whose work will be focused on the Arctic. With the environment continuing to be impacted by our wasteful society, these artists look at the effects it has had on the Arctic using the delicate art of embroidery and needle felting.” Embroidery and needle felting not enough for you, well some of my favourite artists are taking part, including: Jenny Hart, Vivienne Strauss, Coco Howard, Moxie, Heidi Kenney, Nicole Licht, Becky Stern and Jessica Marquez. If you can’t make it to Schmancy I am guessing that you will be able to view and purchase work from the show online. I have been stalking Flickr and Kristen’s Plush You blog for sneak peeks and I love what I have seen so far. Enjoy some of my favourite pieces below.

Nicole Licht

Jenny Hart

Becky Stern

Take lots of pictures guys for all of us sad sacks who can’t be there! Oh and isn’t that the cutest flyer? Be sure to stop by if you are Seattle way this Friday.

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3 Responses to Fiber Arctic

  1. diane says:

    ho Lisa this is so beautiful!! You know how I’m fascinated with the arctic!!

  2. Kristen Rask says:

    Thanks so much Lisa. You’re the sweetest. It will all be online very soon.

  3. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    These are beautiful and as always Nicole’s is a million times beautiful!

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