The Cat’s Pajama’s On Etsy This Week

I have the feeling that this won’t be the last time I feature a vintage camera from Thrush.

Is it my imagination or are these Etsy round up posts getting longer and longer every week? I wonder if I will ever exhaust all of the goodness to be found on my favourite shopping site. I haven’t taken a considered look at Etsy’s competitors in Europe. Dawanda is growing quickly and Folksy (British) is still in Beta mode. I would be interested to hear if any of you have experience of either sites as a seller or buyer. I have been considering opening a second Lou Lou & Oscar online shop based in Europe. I am probably not ready for this step yet but would be interested to hear any views you may have, my wise little owls.

Oh how I love these hand illustrated Ocean and Mermaid leggings from Hibou Caillou Chou. They make me believe that spring is on the way, the most poetic leggings I have ever seen!

Amazing illustrator and designer Cecilia Levy opened her Etsy shop this week, hooray! Sweet and tender Save The Fish print available from Cecilia Levy

Queen Robin from The Runny Bunny.

Linen Fawn and Lace Pouch from Track & Field Designs.

Fantastic Owlos from Holli.

Medium Raymor Ceramic House Container from Ladies & Gentlemen.

Bird Emperors cushion/pillow cover from Ellie Curtis.

Leaf Magnet from SkinnylaMinx.

Candy Canisters from The Collector’s Shoppe.

Set of Plastic Trees from Brooklyn Rehab.

Super fantastic Foks available from Celapiu .

Block No.4 from Mimidoodles.

I have fallen in love with this little fox called Paolo, original illustration in ink and pencil from Ashley G and Drew.

Deer Figures from Pinkflor.

Such love for The jumblies and for this stunning book designed and hand-bound by Angela Liguori and Silvana Amato. More on The Jumblies coming up soon!

Colour Letter Card from Aviewto. More on collections coming up here soon I hope, so many plans, never enough time!

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3 Responses to The Cat’s Pajama’s On Etsy This Week

  1. The leggings with mermaids, the wrapped up little fish print ( reminds me of my little merfish), ashleyg’s fox and that last collection photograph are making me almost drop my toasted bagel this morning. It would be okay because I am sure my little kitties would retrieve it for me.

  2. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Oh wow! So much goodness here! What fantastic finds and picks hun!
    I love them and am off to check them all out! 🙂

  3. jessica says:

    in the last image, which is so beautiful, theres a little porcelain spoon. i got two of these at a craft fair from k g + a b ( and loved it so much its one of my favorite things… just thought i’d share their work…

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