Yes, Yes, Yes! Makool Spring/Summer 2009

I love sneak peeks, especially when they involve super fancy pants clothes from Makool. If you care for a preview head on over to the Makool collections site, ultra dreamy! Thank goodness that the model above has my current leg colour, I am embracing the lily-white, post-winter leg show, I don’t tan!

I adore hats but they don’t suit me, my little noggin freezes in the winter as a result. If I could get one of these Red Riding Hood hoods in a tiny size my boy would do the bonnet honours for me, luckily Ishi looks charming in chapeaux!

That bicycle is a delight and as for that blouse…!

This is my favourite blue, I could melt into it.

My tummy is doing flips, this is all so girly!

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6 Responses to Yes, Yes, Yes! Makool Spring/Summer 2009

  1. Eerika says:

    I’m pale as a ghost too (I never tan, I just burn), but I like to think of my lack of pigment as simply living up to my name; my surname means “white”. 😀

    I love, love, love that red riding hood and my gosh that blouse with the huge buttons is lovely! So much gorgeousness.

  2. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    YAY! I love being in sync with you my dear! 🙂 That blouse, that dress…..sigh. I will pine forever for them……:)
    ps is it alright if I join the “pasty white leg” club with you? 😉

  3. I know! Makool’s new line is AMAZING! Have you seen the new bags?! I’m hoping to get one very soon. (Plus, it never hurts that Anisa is so great!)

  4. Rane says:

    I did not know about Makool…. these photos are dreamy.
    The knee socks remind me of when i was living in Japan…
    the school girls all wear them. I too am so white it hurts.
    There was a era that that was a sign of wealth … to rich
    to work! hehehe! In japan it is a multi million dollar ..or yen I
    guess.. industry it be white as you can. You would not believe
    what they are willing to do and wear to be whiter. They love
    my skin there. The last photo you have is fairy~tale~ish
    love it … a step back in time really.
    Lovely, thank you Lisa!!!

  5. anisa says:

    I really do love you guys.

  6. Rane says:

    We love you and your work~ thank you for giving the world clothing
    that speaks to our inner little girl but is oh so tasteful to wear in the
    real world! We all have dreamed of being in a fairy tail with the
    perfect fairy~ish outfit…. your clothing line is dreamy!
    Loads of love to you!

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