The Spider & The Fly

Image heavy post alert! We visited The Spider & The Fly today at 65 Bread Street, Edinburgh, oh my what a wonderful space. Emily (Lost in The Forest & Magpie Market) has done an amazing job, the shop is packed with incredibly special handmade goods and has such a happy energy about it, a little parlour belonging to a lady with incredibly good taste. The Spider & The Fly is a welcome addition to the string of independent boutiques, galleries and bookshops that run from the top end of Bread Street, along the West Port up to Victoria Street and Candlemaker Row. You must pop along for a visit if you are in the area, I discovered some new to me makers and designers & even snatched up a couple of items. I was very remiss and didn’t take down the details of all the treats that caught my eye. Gives me a good excuse to return next week for a full list of vendors. There were many more favourites that I can’t include in this post as the light was a bit tricky and the pictures didn’t turn out well. I hope you enjoy the small sample of goodies I did manage to capture. There are loads more images here too! Owl Embroidery above by Angharad Jefferson , bear by Alice Gabb.

Hmm, did I forget to mention that you can see (and buy!) some bits and pieces by Lou Lou & Oscar too!

It was wonderful to see some of the embroidery work of Cathy Cullis in person, truly exquisite.

I bought this bird pillow by Heart Zeena & some notecards by Alice Gabb, upon who I have a pretty serious craft crush!

Above and below some new pieces, yay oval and metal hoops, I made for The Spider & The Fly. Speed along to check them out if you please.

I finished my pieces for Plush You LA last night, there were almost tears and an actual cat plush decapitation. Oh, the drama. But that is for another post. Kisses kittens.

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10 Responses to The Spider & The Fly

  1. oh wow, what a place, what a boutique, my word !!!
    I’m seeing the creations of three friends ! (including you of course !)
    the kind of boutique I’d spend a whole day in ! LOL
    your new packaging is so awesome, and so is your new blog design !
    you’ve been sooo busy, girl ! 😀
    sending you hugs & kisses
    can’t wait to hear more about the plush cat almost decapitation ….

  2. PixelHazard says:

    I go to places like this and can’t help but wish I lived there.

  3. diane says:

    This is a lovely shop indeed and perfect for mister Cat and his friends!
    Funny, I would have bought the bird pillow too! ^__^

  4. Fantastic post and just for the books there can never be too many of your insightful photographs.
    Edgar, arwen and lord byron are beside themselves with worry over the almost headless cat.
    They do hope that it was nothing that a little emergency visit to the plush cat hospital couldn’t fix.

  5. Clare says:

    WOW this place looks like my spiritual home.
    One more reason why I really should make a trip to Edinburgh

  6. Stefanie says:

    Such a wonderful shop! Thanks for the lovely pictures.
    I hope the best for the headless cat!

  7. These images are wonderful, I will definitely be popping in when i’m in edinburgh next week!

  8. Beautiful photos of what looks to be a gorgeous shop – another reason to visit Edinburgh. I may try and make it over the border when I’m in Yorkshire next week.

  9. Wah! I live in Edinburgh and hadnt noticed this wee shop! I shall definitely have to pop in. Looks like a similar kind of place to the Red Door Gallery and the Owl and Lion! 🙂

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