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I think that he looks like Nick Cave back in the days of The Birthday Party! Zebra fabulousness (above) from Skunkboy Creatures of course. Here we are again friends, it is time for another plush gathering. I am feeling so inspired by the wonders on display here, my fingers are itchy and desperate to get snipping and stitching and stuffing! Things have been a little quiet on the creature front for me recently, that is going to change very soon though. I had planned to release a little list of the places you can find my work this year, I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted into one particular show, once I know you will know-keep your fingers crossed for me please kittens. Now, feast your peepers on plush heaven!

“Quand la pluie tombe chez moi” by Cocon


Wonder by Melissa Stanley

Victorian Lady by Junker Jane

Lumi by Le Train Fantome


Family by Matilde Beldroega

I can’t help making up background stories for the new creations from Astulabee. Oh, especially the Show Pony!

Endearing foxes from Oso Polar

Super floral fish by Flora Douville.

Kootoom, Turris & Pecten by Sarah Bourque.

Deer by Takiyaje.

Plushrooms from Kitty Bee.

Beuys Bunny from Das Kaninchen.

Jinx Moon Bunny from Moon’s Creations.

Peascape in Strangeland from Kit Lane

Large Fabric Bird by Abigail Brown

Rabbit from Fawn Potter.

Francis by Flannery O’Kafka

Cat from Red Craft Works.

Miss Black Dahlia from Meeniak.

The Classic Maggot in White with Pink Heart from Pterodactyl Pants.

Feathery Doll by Cathy Cullis.

Doli Mary Chestnut from Misako Mimoko

Crazy cool! I want a plush wall. Collected work by Ninon.

Before I forget please do join me tomorrow for the ever shifting weekly interview, so exciting, meet me in Argentina!

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10 Responses to Plush Heart

  1. Melissa de la Fuente says: am just so in love with and inspired by all of these amazing works of art! I love Ninon’s wall and can’t get over so many of these pieces….they are all wonderful but, my absolute favorite is nicole’s show pony! *sigh * I just love it!
    thank you for this wonderful collection hun!

  2. A plush wall how wonderful , and just the sort of thing to bounce off of or hurl your plush inspirations at. Impossible to pick a favorite but that show pony is really stealing center stage.

  3. geez ladies! that (and this post! ) is so nice!
    So many favorite plush makers here Lisa! YAY! I’ve had total zebras on the brain since going to the circus… ninon is so cool and her post about that wall, so wonderful!, those foxes from Oso Polar…*gasp*, every single thing from Le Train Fantome pulls at my heart, I’m rushing to look up Matilde Beldroega but I especially LOVE the bird by Abigail Brown. It looks like a sweet dreamy, breezy sketch which is pretty much exactly the feeling I’ve been wanting to muster up in my own…but my birds are chunky, clumsy and now I’m worried will appear as a pitiful copy…oh boo. Fingers crossed for you Lisa and looking forward to reading you good news!

  4. Phyllis says:

    The rabbit from Fawn Potter reminds me of “The Velveteen Rabbit”, the one with soul and so much love to give.

  5. Stefanie says:

    Hihi, a Nick Cave zebra! Such a great collection, I love them all. Good luck for this show, I will be very, very offended, if they don’t choose you.

  6. Eerika says:

    So many wonderful, wonderful plushies!

    Your plush-showcases have become my number one place to find brilliant new plushie artists to admire and be inspired by.

    Also, I’m keeping my fingers, eyes and legs crossed for you, I hope you get in!

  7. Rosemoo says:

    Lovely selection, as usual! Loving those cute little foxes.

  8. Thank you Lisa for this great collection!!
    and thanks a lot to include my doli Mary Chestnut, it’s a big honor being among all these gorgeous plushes. I truly appreciatte it!
    Good luck with the show admission, I’ll keep my fingers crossed too 🙂
    Have a very nice weekend!

  9. peng peng says:

    wowee, that was a fun post! Lots to explore.. and it was all fantastic!!

  10. ninainvorm says:

    Oooh… so many excellent picks! And each one of them so special and original!

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