Star Map

Slowly, slowly, getting it together, another girl nearly finished and a glimmer of possibility that the new shop could be up by early December.

I would love this guy from here.

Inspiring image via Wikimedia Commons.

Today we built a space ship so that we could fly to the moon. Ishi made a star map to aid navigation.

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5 Responses to Star Map

  1. Sonia says:

    aaah a star map, so smart, Ishi !
    I love the smile on your face & the twinkle in your eyes !
    the newest kitty is cuter than ever, Lisa !
    sending you all big hugs on a sunny Sunday

  2. i think i am headed for that exact same spot
    meet you there for blueberry muffins and tea

  3. Lisa says:

    Ah, we do need to work on that instant transporter don’t we!xxx

  4. Lisa, I totally missed the star map! Tell Ishie it’s AMAZING! Had great time today. So glad to finally meet you and spend the day together…
    Hope you had a good train journey and a relaxing evening!
    See you soon,
    (double kiss)

  5. Lisa says:

    Hey Andrea, Ishi draws maps pretty obsessively, he also penned the inside of an igloo basement the other day, pretty cool!
    Really good to meet you too and get a glimpse of your super cool family. Fell asleep early, no glass of wine!
    Double kiss back.

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