A Variety of Things

Chiharu Shiota from the Lost in Lace exhibition I managed to catch at The Gas Hall in Birmingham. Finishes in a couple of weeks, get along if you can.

Adore Maissa Toulet’s Curiosity Cabinets via Design Milk.

Also from Maissa above.

So unhappy that a New Year virus prevented me from visiting Grayson Perry’s The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. Happily there is a wonderful book to accompany the exhibition. I love the page (above) entitled The gardener and the Bear (from a manuscript of The Lights of Canopus by al-Kashifi). The man has done the bear a good turn and in reward for the man’s kindness, the bear seeks to kill a fly on his face with a stone. The inscription reads: ‘A clever enemy is better than a stupid friend’. Delightful!

Hold your beliefs lightly indeed. The exhibition has been extended until 26 February.

I spend a fair bit of time melting silver these days, I can also be found admiring my tools, I especially like my ring mandrel and hammers. Pop back to see what the unprepossessing bit of metal becomes (if it works!).

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3 Responses to A Variety of Things

  1. Sonia says:

    You have quite interesting exhibits in Edinburgh ! Not so many over here. We had Mucha once & I think that was the best I had seen. Anyway. (Sorry you got a bug on NY ! what a bummer !)
    Can’t wait to see what you’re making with silver !! (you will show us, won’t you ??!!) 😉
    xoxox big warm hugs

  2. Lisa says:

    Hello Sonia, We do have some good things here but Lost in Lace was in Birmingham and the Grayson Perry in London! You have other benefits down there though I know! Will of course show you how the silver thing turns out, trying for a photo shoot at the weekend, my least favourite part of the process! Big kiss from here and say hello to that handsome cat for me.xxx

  3. diane says:

    I love this article, so many things I like! I love Chiharu Shiota, her installations are so breathtaking (I have only seen one for now, but it was an incredible feeling!).
    Oh and I love this little fragment of your work, I can’t wait to see more!

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