Nostalgic Mole

To cheer myself up (see previous post) I had a little look at a few ‘cartoons’ (as they were called in the 70’s!) I loved as a child. I remember how enchanted I was by Zdenek Miler’s animated films featuring The Mole. Enjoy Krtek a Muzika (The Mole and the Music) with me.

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5 Responses to Nostalgic Mole

  1. Eeek !
    I discovered that mole just a few months ago !!! It was just a silly pic of her that I loved but never knew where she came from !!!
    Thanks (again) Lisa 🙂

    And I left you a message on Nicole’s blog : I AM ONE (Throbbing Gristle fan that is)
    And I also asked you about Fad Gadget (my fave)

    x x x

  2. Eerika says:

    Aaw! I used to love Mole as a kid!
    We got a lot of Polish, Czheck and east European cartoons here in the 70’s, so Mole and Miś Uszatek (Teddy Floppy-Ear?) and Sandmännchen (Sandman) were very much a part of my childhood. 🙂

  3. Rose says:

    Woah. That dance the mouse is doing at the end is totally awesome! Like some sort of wacky European ‘The Robot’.

    Digging it.


  4. lyptis says:

    Oh my God, this is so cute!
    I know this episode almost by heart, must have watched it as a kid about 10 times(being from east germany).

    U remember ‘the rabbit and the wolf’? That was scary!:)
    And the mouse Is doing a fantastic dance in the end!

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