End Of Summer Favourites

I was reading a blog a while ago, I can’t remember who it belonged to now, an article about blogging including a list of things the writer doesn’t want to see in posts from others. Round ups of items to be found on Esty did not find favour, everyone has probably already found your choices weeks ago anyway so what is the point? Well, we don’t all have the time to browse Etsy, I post my loves from time to time because I know that several of you kittens never have the chance. So, yah boo, here are some of my end of summer favourites.

Ghost Party print (above) from K.Masback

The Day Of The Cloud tote bag from Cocon

The Caretaker from Sweet Nellie

Naked In The Rain boots from Wooly Baby

Beach Pottery from Lillajizo via Sweet Sweet Life

Jellyfish from Gifts and Stars. I have heard that Jellyfish are a trend for autumn, sloths too apparently!

Sloth Cuff from Siesta

Ninja Cat from Coqu-usagiuma-maho

Vintage Bow Tie Necklace from Tiny Wardrobe

Lyric Print from Voideville

Living toy series collage fabric transfer from Teriko

Blue Bird Light Shade from Nice

Rabbit from Wilkintie

Vintage Camera Pouch from IIty Bity Bags

Bio Hazard Lab Coat from ArtLab

Feather Embroidered Felt Pin from Tiny Happy

Slouch Mini from Ramona West. I am saying “yes” to this, a bit silly but yes!

I will be back soon with an interview, long, long overdue, I owe my interviewee a huge thank you for his patience.

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7 Responses to End Of Summer Favourites

  1. i love your etsy find posts lisa!!!
    and so do all of my kitties!!!
    Sloths and jellyfish
    it is going to be a great fall…

  2. Amy says:

    I read that same post, and I cannot remember where I read it either! I felt the same way, though. I just keep posting about etsy finds because there are so many wonderful sellers on etsy that need some love. And, you are right, probably nobody else can spend as much time as I insist upon doing browsing etsy. My house suffers, but my spirit soars!

    I’ll be emailing you this weekend, my friend. Sorry to be so bad about the mail (both snail and otherwise).


  3. Mallory says:

    i totally disagree with that person, whoever it was – keep on posting your etsy finds! don’t stop. i love seeing them (here and on other blogs as well).

  4. hey lisa ~ what a strange post!! i love your round~ups and enjoy posting other etsy artists too 🙂 it’s our own way of supporting each other and indeed etsy is a big place. surely one of us will find something new one day!!
    love to u.

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Ah…I love your roundups Lisa! Don’t ever stop! 🙂 These are wonderful finds and I love Margie’s comment above “sloths and jellyfish it is going to be a wonderful fall” Love it! 🙂

  6. diane says:

    thanks to your etsy finds I always discover new artists, and I’m glad about it! Cocon is one of my favorite now!
    An email soon!

  7. Hey thanks for your comment on Olivet… Everything you make is so adorable!! I’m loving your etsy shop too!!

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