Fresh Shop: Dash Of Magic

As soon as I saw the image above over at Sweet Sweet Life (thanks Amy for keeping such a beautiful and inspiring blog, I always find something new, you have a wonderful eye) I lost my heart. What an inspired idea, simple, old school appeal and beautifully executed; an embroidered love note. Available from Dash of Magic, definitely a shop that is going places.

Katie will customize the note for you if you wish, the perfect gift for your love, best friend or secret crush.

Katie has just added some new items to her shop and they are equally wonderful; rustic oak chalkboards. Did I mention that Dash of Magic’s new collection is called “teachers pet”, get back to school over there now!

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5 Responses to Fresh Shop: Dash Of Magic

  1. i would love to receive a hand stitched note like that one.
    Wonderful things !! Thanks dear lisa.

  2. Alyssa says:

    hi lisa! excellent find as always.

  3. PixelHazard says:

    Oh that is so great! So sweet. I still have the little bits of notes from five years ago when my boyfriend was trying to ask me out.

  4. they are so cute! will go have a look at her shop 🙂
    hope you are going well xx

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    These are so adorable! I love them both and am off to check it all out! Thanks hun!

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