Etsy Anniversary Times Two!

The first day of advent, I must rush to the loft and get down Ishi’s Advent House. As is the norm this year, we are woefully unprepared to mark the beginning of the festive season. The 1st of December is a special date for me for another reason, it marks my 1 year Etsy-versary, can it really be a whole year since I listed the first items in the Lou Lou & Oscar shop? Another shop is celebrating its one year milestone today as well, what an incredible year it has been for Margie and Resurrection Fern. Happy Anniversary Margie! In case you didn’t know, Margie was the first person to make a purchase from Lou Lou & Oscar, a Catty Catty, really who could ask for a more generous and appreciative customer. I didn’t know it that day but Margie would become such an important presence in my life, supporter, confidante and most wonderful of all, a very good friend. I am going to stop now before I get all teary!

There is someone else I must mention today, really a huge source of inspiration, incredibly generous and an all round good egg, did I forget to mention that she also makes some of the most beautiful pieces of art it is possible to find, ok, now you know who this is! Thank you Nicole, Miss Astulabee, I don’t think Margie would have found me on day one without your sweet blog shout out about LL&O.

Nicole was also responsible for bringing another amazing person into my life, lovely Mathyld, aka Encore Petite, it is true to say we bonded over our love of all things Astulabee, happily the first meeting of the Astulabee Appreciation Society (European Branch, don’t you love our acronym!-Ha) went swimmingly, pictures will arrive here at some point soon.

So, a happy day to celebrate the wide web of connections and alliances this year has brought. Hello to all of the lovely people I have *met* since LL&O began. Now I am a little teary! There will be quite a few changes coming up in the next few months, our family circumstances are changing, I need to become more *professional* and self-aware, fresh starts all around. Urgh, price rises too, I hate to do it but if I stand any chance of keeping LL&O viable I have to. I know that pricing is an issue many of us struggle with, undervaluing our time and our work. As a UK based maker it is hard to be competitive in North America, I will do my best. I hope that our change in circumstances will allow me to try out other ideas and avenues to keep LL&O running smoothly, this is so exciting and a little nerve wracking, more about this nearer the time. Oh, secret squirrel!


I’m sorry not to have any big celebration or giveaway planned for today, when my new plans come to fruition I will make up for my lack of planning then. I do have a special little interview coming up later though. Be sure to check back to see who is joining us. I will be taking a break from LL&O over the next few weeks to prepare for christmas, spend some proper time with my boy , catch up with long overdue email and get those images of Paris up. And yes, that is another work by Lizzy Stewart at the top of the post, I am so obsessed! Happy December my friends.

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10 Responses to Etsy Anniversary Times Two!

  1. Now I *am* all teary, too !

    I am ever *so* thankful to have met you. I can’t put this into words.
    But I take this as a blessing. One of the best blessings ever.

    I adore you and miss you terribly,
    Kisses to your little Elf & to the big one*, too !
    x x x

    PS : Yes, Adam, that is you … I am sorry ! Ha !

  2. congratulations and best wishes for another wonderful year!

  3. Happy anniversary L L & O !! Catty Catty, Polar Fish Boy, Lapin , fern, the kitties and all the resurrectionfern clan toasted to your amazing year this evening with a sip of wine and great conversation. The woodlanders and owlettes joined the party. The best thing was a surprise guest straight from Seattle with such poetry on her lips and love in her heart. WE ALL LOVE YOU LISA!!!!

  4. Oops I left out Marcel le poisson and he is none to pleased with me for that grave error.

  5. Congratulations to such a beautiful faraway friend! I am so flattered to be mentioned here today and truly heart warmed to be linked with gems like you, Mathyld and Margie. I love ‘hearing’ your voice through your blog (I believe it’s the one I most steadily check in with!) and seeing your very unique and intelligent voice develop and shine through all that you make. I just can’t wait to find what’s in store for you, your family and LL&O in the coming year!

  6. diane says:

    happy Anniversary to LL&O!!! Lisa you are the one who enlightened me to the etsy system that was so obscure to me at first, you are the one that showed me all this beautiful designer and thanks to you I met Encore Petite and have the chance to know Margie, so many beautiful discoveries!
    And most of all meet you in person was an intense experience, so much emotions! Thank you again Lisa!
    i wish you a very happy December! one of my favorite month, I hope that snow will soon make a beautiful blanket !
    love to you and your family!

  7. Louise says:

    Oh, bless you! What a lovely and thoughtful post! I absolutely love your funny little world, and this was a heartwarming post to read!

  8. TheNightJar says:

    this blog is special and quite lovely : )

  9. Armi says:

    Lämpimät syntymäpäiväonnittelut Pauliina!
    – pakkasesta huolimatta!

    t. Armi
    Matildan riihestä

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