Supervente: Let’s Go To Paris!

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You must all have heard about the amazing craft market lovely Mathyld has organized. If you will be in Paris on Sundays the 6th or 13th of December get yourself along to Supervente. There are so many wonderful artists taking part including Encore Petite, Resurrection Fern, Hibou Caillou Chou. Check out the flyer above for some more names. Oh, did I forget to mention that I will be there too, well, my work will be! Supervente will be my first craft fair, I am nervous and excited all at the same time. You can check out some of the offerings in advance via the link above, Supervente also has its own Flickr group here. I would love to do all of my Christmas shopping at the event, here are a few of my picks from the show.



I was lucky enough to see some of the work in person when I visited Mathyld last week, photographs really can’t do it justice, stacks of beautifully made animal silhouette cushion covers like the one above, rows of pretty owlettes, necklaces, brooches, all manner of gorgeous things. If I had a pair of ruby slippers I would click my heels together and wish myself in Paris. Of course I am building up to blogging about my visit to the French capital, I have a weeks worth of hoops to make and then I am taking a little time off to prepare for Christmas, visit my lovely K and her new baby (who isn’t actually out in the world yet!) and, yes, get all of the Paris images off the camera and into the computer. Phew! There will be a few changes at Lou Lou & Oscar in the new year, including price rises, this makes me so sad, but I need to start charging more realistic prices and taking the exchange rate into account (come on dollar rise against the pound!). I feel that LL&O needs a little freshen up for 2010, new photos, a more coherent feel, the depth that comes with a little extra experience. My most recent work has streamed itself into two ‘collections’: Natural History and The Stars Down to Earth (thank you Mr.Adorno!). More about this tiny development soon I hope. Paris was so inspiring, I can’t wait to share it with you. I am going to leave you with a couple of images to whet your appetite, sources of inspiration for the Natural History collection.


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5 Responses to Supervente: Let’s Go To Paris!

  1. Oh la la Lisa ! It will be so hard to open this parcel and not keeping everything for myself 😀
    You worked so hard ! Everything looks so gorgeous ! Your new works are stunning.
    I saw some creations for myself, so I can promise that even your pretty pictures don’t do them justice !

    Thanks so much for all your work, accepting to be part of the show and this amazing blogpost ♥

    Kisses avalanche !
    x x x

    PS : I have to take new pictures of my cushion-covers ! This artificial yellow light … Ack !
    I made all my pictures before my very first Supervente, just to keep as a souvenir. They really aren’t pretty 🙁

  2. congrats on your first fair {and wow for it to be in Paris!} ~ am sure it will do well.
    interesting changes happening for you {congrats}, the price increase is so not a bad thing 🙂

  3. annax says:

    Wishing you a wonderful time!!

    I wish I could have made it to Paris too…. I am sure it will be amazing for you all!

  4. Your handmade articles are worth more than their weight in golden stars. I adore my slowly ever growing collection. Hugs for all you do and who you are.

  5. yolie says:

    i’m loving the spider against the pink! your work is lovely. good luck with your show.

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