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I love sharing new pieces of work with you, especially experiments. Last weekend I finished a wall hanging that I had been planning to make for a while, I am happy with the way it turned out and even happier that it combines my new found passion for embroidery with a well established love of typography.



Side by side, my embroidered version with the original page layout from Grafik magazine. I began to embroider each individual letter in the body text but they were just too small (especially as I need new glasses), so I settled upon indicating the type and I think it works just as well.

letter-form 2

I have a head full of projects, more wall hangings based upon my own layouts and something more ambitious, but yes, lots more embroidery! Discovering that I can do back stitch has probably been the missing link for me this year, something so small and simple and yet it has opened up so many new possibilities. Making and creating has become such an essential part of me, sanity saving, truly. I heard this week that my exhibition in Wales has been postponed until next year, the public/Arts Council funded gallery is being refurbished, so dates have changed. This kind of news usually throws me and gets the paranoia germs a buzz, but I felt the possibilities of the situation instead. More time to learn and develop and create some interesting work. Hooray for craft sanity!

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A little side note, I was thrilled to see the Lou Lou & Oscar banner featured in Artful Blogging magazine.



I was even more thrilled when Margie emailed me to say she had picked up a copy of the magazine and seen Lou Lou the wolf and Oscar the bird looking up at her from the pages. This is a good opportunity to shower praise and kisses upon Adam who designed the logo and banner, really Lou Lou & Oscar wouldn’t work without him.

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8 Responses to Letter Form

  1. So many great, exciting news, Lisa !
    You’re being creative, I love it !
    And I love that your / Adam’s banner was on this magazine ! Yay !
    Congrats congrats for all this, can’t wait to see more embroidery creations !!!

    x x x

  2. wow ~ this is amazing Lisa! Can’t wait to see what else you are thinking up.
    i really know what you mean re craft/creative~sanity link, it’s essential.

  3. Nicole says:

    Beautiful work Lisa! Congratulatons for all!

  4. M* says:

    I love your wall hanging. It’s original and beautiful.

    Congratulations too on your mention

  5. Phyllis says:

    Your wall hanging is wonderful. I love the printed word too, and what an original expression you created to give it form. Glad you are feeling creative and well and congrats on your banner being published. What an honor. It is, after all, a gem, just like you!

  6. this is absolutely fantastic and I have no idea how I missed this update.
    Please accept my apology

  7. jessica- MR says:

    that piece is a-mazing! and many congrats on the magazine feature! so nice!

  8. Theresia says:

    Congrats on the feature,wow!
    I have bought the magazine 2 weeks ago in NY,going to read it now.
    Have a beautiful day.

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