Sea Ghosts Ascending


Meet the Sea Ghosts, these little beings (non-beings!) have arrived in the Lou Lou & Oscar shop. You can read more about them here. I had planned a slightly bigger update that included some vintage pendents but decided just to list the one you can see in the image below. I balked at the last minute as I didn’t feel I wanted to take Lou Lou & Oscar into the realms of the confused. I love my plush, my embroidery, the occasional vintage dress but the trinkets don’t fit. I think I am just going to give them away, maybe via this blog. Perhaps as extras in my Etsy orders. We will see.


I have the most exciting project incubating (exciting for me at least!), I have decided to enter some work into the Jersey Textile Showcase next March and I want to set myself an embroidery challenge. The piece has to fit into an A3 padded envelop and must relate to the theme: All Is Revealed. I am going to try and chart my progress here at LL&O. Hooray, I am going to reveal my terrible handwriting, even worse sketching and duff preliminary ideas to you all. Now, here is a cool thing to take your mind off the above.


Ode to Harold & Maude from Mary’s Granddaughter via Flickr. I love that film and I love the sweet fringing around the hoop!

Oh, and I would love this little brooch too please secret benefactor!

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3 Responses to Sea Ghosts Ascending

  1. I love you sea ghosts but you already knew that:)
    I can’t wait to see and hear about your creative process
    Your is one mind I would love to be inside for a visit.
    I am also a huge mary’s granddaughter fan.

  2. everyeskimo says:

    you do such nice work. i love seeing the gorgeous things that come out of your brain!

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