Little Paper Planes


Continuing the ‘paper’ theme one of my favourite places to hang out on the web is Little Paper Planes. Take a look at some of the beautiful work on offer and you will see why I haunt this place. The print shown at the top of this post is Fox And Hare by Traci Edwards.


Letterpress Print by Lisa Congdon.


Rat Prints by Dutch Door Press.


Girl Holding Animal Print by Julianna Swaney.


Deth’s 2007 Postcard Set by Deth P Sun.


Yea! I have this one! Neigh Shirt by No Star T-Shirts.


Antler Girl Long Sleeve Shirt by Im Smitten.


Three Little Kittens Button Pack by Shannon Sawtelle.

Happy, happy, joy, joy when I look at all of the above! Oh, that was a lazy post, just showing you the lovelies with barely a word of explanation and no commentary.

See you all tomorrow, love until then.

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