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My Tuesday Typeface this morning is Odette, keep reading to learn the special significance that this font has for Lou Lou & Oscar—here is a little clue—look up to my banner! Lovely Odette and a thought provoking quote from William Morris coming up.


I have noticed that the universe is trying to uproot me from my Island home and lure me across the sea to Canada. I have made some truly special connections with people from this marvelous land through Lou Lou & Oscar and today I hit upon yet another reinforcement of all things Canadian! As I was researching today’s typeface I was reminded that the type foundry responsible for Odette is named Canada Type. The foundry is based in Toronto and they are obviously very proud of where they come from; just look at that logo.

Canada Type

I think I may have to go and buy some snow shoes! This lovely coincidence aside, Odette is my chosen typeface today because it forms the typographic bones of the Lou Lou & Oscar logo. When I set out to choose a typeface for Lou Lou & Oscar I knew I wanted something warm and inviting to complement my creatures. It was important that the type didn’t look too mechanical, it needed to be feminine but not too pretty, pretty. I roped Adam into the search and we narrowed it down to a few faces. Odette won out as soon as we saw the alternate characters for the typeface and fell in love with the ampersand you see in the logo. Named after the Swan Lake princess, Odette was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton and digitized by Rebecca Alaccari for the Canada Type foundry.

So, now you know! As usual I just had to see what an Etsy search would throw up for ‘Odette’ and ‘Swan Lake’. I am so glad that I did as I found a shop that is new to me and a lovely print from an old favourite.

Odette Brooch

The Odette Brooch pictured above is available from Tilly Bloom. I hadn’t come across Tilly Bloom until today, it is always fun to find a shop you haven’t discovered before. I love this bird cage necklace and the Through the Looking Glass bookmark too.

Bird Cage

Book Mark

Be sure to go and take a look at the rest of the illustration jewelry on offer at Tilly Bloom.

Swan Lake

I adore Caitlin Shearer’s art work, her shop Pepperminte carries some wonderful prints. I was so happy when Caitlin’s vision of Swan Lake appeared in the search results, it also gives me the perfect excuse to share a few more of my favourite finds from Pepperminte with you!




Secrets, No Magic and Nine pm by Caitlin Shearer at Pepperminte.

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2 Responses to Typographic Tuesday-Odette

  1. margaret oomen says:

    Snowshoes or no snowshoes I agree that you are hearing the call of the wild from my favorite place in the whole entire world. People say that we Canadians are not patriotic but I think we have a deep profound love of our land we are just less vocal about it. We have swans on two of the small ponds in my home town, one is in the backyard of a wonderful retired wildlife biologist who is involved in preserving these romantic creatures. You see Lisa, even the swans are calling you.

  2. Rose says:

    I’ve been feeling a similar call, looking north to Canada from the strange little world of east coast America.

    I support your uprooting! If the universe calls, answer.


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