Cabbages & Roses-New Season

A new season, new Cabbages & Roses. ‘New’ if I mean the same with a tiny twist, still they do what they do so well. Especially pattern design, Cabbages & Roses fabrics are luscious, but remember, only in small doses! I would love to wake up to that tree top view every morning, the three bears’ cottage I think!

Those stripy curtains are killing me! I am the queen of stripes, Ishi and me have a stripy club, you have to wear stripy tops to join, we have lots and lots.

Form over function but delightful to look at.

How wonderful it would be to gather my favourite kittens beneath that canopy for tea.

Sweet pom poms.

The outfit on the left for sure!

The perfect stripy. I may have to fork over for this one!

Cabbages and Roses fabric put to good use! You may remember this little bunny. The Lapin are so difficult to get ‘right’. I have a bag full of these little ones that somehow don’t look ‘right’ to me, I am not sure what is going to become of them. Does anyone else have a sad collection of not quite ‘there’ handmade items? What do you do with yours? I’d love to know.

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  1. Lisa , beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am sure your not quite right bunnies are practically perfect to another’s eyes. I heard a news story on the radio yesterday about how women ” see” beauty with an emotional response using their entire brain whereas men only use the right side of the brain . I think you should put them up in your shop as “seconds” at a slightly discounted price and I am sure they will hop away to very happy owners. I think it might give them more personality and isn’t that what handmade is all about.
    Count me in for tea under the canopy and I think we should invite alice, the white rabbit , all the FLB’s ( funny looking bunnies), nicole , mathyld and …..

  2. oooh let me just chime in with a yes! (I owe you a proper mail lisa…sorry!!)for the beauties above. the dress/jean outfit is so sweet, the stripy pics :)! and yes to also having often worked ultimately only to become unhappy with not so cute misfits. Margie’s comment and advice is so sane and solid and valuable. Margie, I think I’d need an audio tape running looped to adhere. I honestly have been know to restitch faces even after an item has been sold unbeknownst to the buyer because I felt something off. extreme, i know. I do think we do need to recognize people are buying something made from our own human hands but also maintain a standard that best represents ourselves and our aesthetic goals, not perfection mind you (I strive for the elusive perfect pathetica really).
    I suggest not to abandon or discount. Try and use the sad lapins as learning vessels that will lead you to new designs. Consider each one and what exactly it needs to remedy itself. (Does it need a new face…an amputation?!) Let them become other than themselves and then sell them as special items…one of a kinds!

  3. and yes too to tea under the canopy! it would be amazing to meet together with you amazing ladies to discuss ideas and practices, share stories and i’m sure just laugh the whole time!!

  4. Oh my … Un-perfect little ones …
    I’m sure I’d LOVE to peruse in that bag of yours !

    I have many of these …
    Sometimes, I just give them to my mum (often) because I know she will love them anyway … Or to my brother …
    But most of the time, I just “undo” them to re-use the fabric in an other project …

    * Ha ! Nicole : I sometimes refused to sell items until I had “fixed” them … I am the one to keep items “hostaged” after selling them ! Ha ! I feel less lonely !
    Also, Nicole, that’s where you impress me : you learn and keep moving on all the time. Your work keeps evolving where I feel kind of lost when I fear that I won’t be able to “reproduce” something I made. I usually don’t reproduce, but I am affected by the NEED to feel able to do so, just to feel secure (or to feel able to part with, maybe … ?)

    Anyway …

    * Margie : I say yes ! YES for the tea party !!! That would be a truly magical moment …
    I even had a quick but vivid vision of it … It’s almost painful to realize it’s not true (yet).
    I’ll bring homemade muffins !!! And chestnut decadent cake … Tee hee !

    x x x

    PS : My favourite part in your tiny ones is their eyes … They really look like they have a soul. They are truly moving, these eyes … And full of life ! ♥

  5. Chelsey says:

    I love everything! Totally my style. Love the bunny. Perfect use of the fabric.


  6. ninon says:

    may I join you for a stripy club tea?
    …I think Nicole’s idea to reuse the “not-so-right” bunnies is really super, I wont be able to express that with other words than hers..I am sure that after you’ll worked on them they will become a treasury and so you’ll have another motivation for not parting from them, eheh, because they will be too special for you….
    but I can understand you, because it happens to me also, obviously..even with some that have nothing wrong apart from being “old”, made like 6 months ago..and this makes me feel feel so bad for them, poor things…

  7. Rose says:

    I’m a huge fan of human error. And most of my creatures are definitely somehow ‘off’. I think it’s part of my style.

    Though one of our house monkeys was someone I originally thought of as not perfect enough. I decided he needed to get given away cause he was not saleable. Adam refused to let me send him off.

    And of course, he is now part of a team of two monkeys who have stolen my heart and gone into acting. (Wugbel, namely, of Mr. Gooj and Wugbel music video fame). His ears are lopsided, his face is too long and bulky, and yet, it gives him an incredible personality.

    I would love to come to stripy club tea. Can I wear anything as long as it has stripes? I have a great jester hat made from my favorite stripy shirt I would like to wear.

    Lovely photos again Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

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