The Birthday Party

Hmmm, I have a birthday coming up so this roundup is a sort of extended wish/hint, hint to Adam list, thinly disguised as a ‘favourite items on Etsy this week’ post. Can you blame me? I do still take a childish delight in the run up to my special day, I begin my birthday countdown about 4 weeks in advance and can be overheard muttering “this time in two weeks it will be my birthday….etc,etc”! Which items would you like to wake up to on your birthday morning? How about that Cape from Ramona West?

Tea Towel from Stiksel

I have a thing about capes. Wow, so much red! Also from Ramona West. I’m not sure I could pull that off though.

The possibilities are endless with a felt Minimoog from Pulse Width.

Coral-Original Painting by Stefanie Beyeler.

Recycled Skateboard Ring from 2ReVert. So, so clever, I always wanted to be a super trick boarder, not to be, I can relive my vert dreams with this ring!

Just perfect for me! Bookshelf from Little Fish Furniture.

Three is a magic number! But I like two from Blue Bell Bazaar .

Something to write next year’s super big birthday list on! Also from Blue Bell Bazaar.

Speckled Bowl from Penny Spooner Ceramics.

Cuckooooooo! From Decoylab.

Totem Kitty from Melabo.

Just because! The Blondie Suitcase from Thrush.

I am super Librarian, yes, yes, yes! The Adele Mara Dress also from Thrush.

Reading Wolves Print from Oh My Cavalier!

Squirrel Vase from Pretty Random Objects.

Ishi has this Fearless Hare print from Eek design. Perhaps Mummy needs one too?

Bears In Love from K Grandey.

Byron print from Amber Alexander

Yellow and Gray Striped Mini with Sash from Oh Leoluca.

Yummy Blue! Nesting Duckegg on Birch fabric from Aunty Cookie.

No party without Miss Julia Pott! Let’s Get Back Together Tshirt. Yum!

Fox In The Woods Tote from Abigail Brown

Blue Puff Sleeve Mini Dress from Santoki Vintage

Camp Trailer Birdhouse from Ralpg08

Orwell Clutch – Silver Alligator Purse from Tsuru Bride.

Take Me Anywhere Suitcase Pillow from Olive.

Tiny Twig Hair Pins from The Sparrow’s Nest

Rolling Rabbit from Pearson Maron

And for the top of my cup cakes, Plastic Fawns from The Thin Veil.

There were many more I could have added but I don’t want to be a greedy Etsy guts! I also hearted some items this week that I was desperate to include in my roundup but as I kind of know the makers it would have looked like terrible hinting, so those will be included next week. Phew! So what would *you* like for your birthday, do let me know?

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8 Responses to The Birthday Party

  1. diane says:

    I also like to do “disguise post” for my birthday, but the last one didn’t work as much as I wanted… 😀
    Once again I discover so many things I love through your blog: the tsurubride shop is amazing!!

  2. Oh Lisa,
    I love your youthful ways. I am in love with capes as well. I have lost track of the hints and pleads I have left with nicole about adult size capes. I have a beautiful black cashmere one my husband bought for me in England ( figures 🙂 on a work trip many moons ago. I often see them in the thrift stores and I always want to buy them but my daughter’s are not big cape lovers yet . Now I know who I can snap them up for. I might need to have an idea of your size although I am guessing you are the same size as my Bekki.
    I already got one of my birthday presents from Ray and delivered by my darling daughters .

  3. I’ll make you a deal: I’ll buy the mini-moog and trade you for a real moog. That way we both get what we want!

  4. maria says:

    great lisa once again i love the croc bag

  5. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    Wow, what a fantastic round up! That cape is stellar! I can’t help but love that clock, that pillow suitcase( how adorable) those squirrel vases, that book “shelf” and that sweet fox tote! I hope you have a wonderful birthday my dear! You deserve it!

  6. Alyssa says:

    happy early birthday. you always find the best things on etsy!

  7. Stefanie says:

    Such a great wish list, very, very similar to mine!

  8. danica says:

    your blog is a great discovery, such good finds!

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