In Stitches

So, the In Stitches Embroidery Showcase opens tonight at Renegade Handmade in Chicago. I wish I could be there to marvel at all of the wonderful artwork in person. The work of many of my stitching idols will be on display, including the wonderful and lovely Jessica Marquez aka Miniature Rhino. Jessica is pretty much the reason I began to try my hand at embroidery, her work is always such an inspiration, full of beauty, and oh, that neat, super-crisp stitching. Thanks Jessica! I have fallen hard for the work of Jennifer Porter, who goes by the name of Porterness. Scarily good! Check out some samples of the amazing work on display above, or even better, if you are in the area, get yourself down to Renegade Handmade. I still haven’t had a chance to get the images of my submissions out of the camera but you can see some pretty awful scans here. I have been sewing like a demon today to get some work ready for Supervente, neglecting husband, son, friends, siblings and email. Paris reporting will have to wait a little longer too, I have some exciting news to share when the time is right, it is good to be so busy, but why do I always leave things to the last minute?

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4 Responses to In Stitches

  1. because that is just how we roll
    thinking of you while preparing my little goodies for the show

  2. jessica- MR says:

    what! such sweetness – i can’t believe it!! thank you. it’s awesome to be in the show with you. good luck on your projects, and seriously you should know how often i am crying and saying those exact words…. looking forward to your future surprises!

  3. annax says:

    Oh my, so much sweetness! A joy to look at!

  4. melissa says:

    oh, wow! these are gorgeous- thank you for sharing them. all the best with your work for supervente- i bet it will be beautiful!

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