I love my Postman (and it is always a man, why have I only seen a couple of women postal workers in my entire life? My Dad used to be a Postie too!). Today this lovely, benevolent man brought me 3 exciting packages and I really must share the contents with you.

From Paris Nord, it can only be from Miss Mathyld aka Encore Petite.


I bought this gorgeous Meadow lingerie bag from Mathyld’s Etsy Shop and it is even lovelier in person, beautifully made, delicate and pretty with the most adorable embroidered detailing. It is a shame that the embroidery doesn’t stand out in the images I took, it really adds a very special touch. Before going into raptures over my new bag I should also say that it was packaged so inventively and with such obvious care that I almost didn’t have the heart to open it.

Also the most wonderful little gifts, including a perfectly lovely teapot brooch, I can imagine the Dormouse from Alice poking out of the top! The brooch went straight onto my coat (pictures later!).

Thank you so much Mathyld, I hope that you are sewing up some more lingerie bags, they would make the perfect gift for the discerning lady (which I most certainly am!) this Valentine’s Day, or any day in fact. Because this is a day of self-revelation for me I am going to show you my knickers now!

Isn’t my lingerie enhanced by its proximity to my bag from Encore Petite? I am looking forward to seeing more of Mathyld’s work, get over to Encore Petite for some Parisian Chic; lovely cushions, bags and brooches-swoon!

It is one of my dreams that I will one day have my own little bricks and mortar shop where I can bring together all of the beautiful handmade treasures I have come across. I love Etsy and my expectations are always exceeded when I get to meet the item I have purchased in person. Sometimes I wish that photographs could offer the complete tactile experience! Sometimes a photograph misses the perfect little details. How wonderful to guide a customer around my imaginary emporium and encourage them to explore the delights on offer! Beginning to sound a bit racy now! Carried away by my little shop dream! It is so exciting however to hold an object and discover tiny detailing you couldn’t see in the picture. This is always the case with (Oh, it is so difficult not to fawn!) Nicole’s work, everything I have received from Astulabee has been a revelation. Today’s delivery was no exception. I received these-Hooray!



Hello Sweet Valentine card and Wolves In Love print.

Here they are together, you can just make out the pretty, red jewels on the Valentine! I am so in love with Nicole’s Wolves, probably my favourite representation of these beautiful creatures ever, yes, *ever*. I’m going to stop now before I get carried away again! Thank you so much Nicole!

Oh, lovely, lovely Margie! Thank you, thank you, thank you ad infinitum! I had to order these stunning prints from Margie’s shop Resurrection Fern because I love them but also because I keep missing shop updates and Margie’s work flies out in seconds.
It is no wonder, such rare, fine and beautiful art indeed.


Felt, Lace-covered and Natural stones print.


Matryoshka Stones in a Frame print.


Especially for Ishi, The Polar Bears Are Turning Green print.

Oh, and a wonderful surprise! Who is nestled safely inside but Merfish Feste, the tiny, capering swimmer, plus a lovely print of Feste and his friends. I was overjoyed to see him and his colourful, intelligent and happy spirit brought a big Chesire Cat grin to my face.


Thank you so much Margie for your wonderful generosity and marvelous friendship.

I consider myself so lucky to be surrounded by objects and artworks made by such talented and special women, you are all such stars!

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6 Responses to Maaaaillllll!

  1. O H * M Y * G O D * !

    Thank you so so SO much, Lisa !
    It’s been too much joy for me, I had to pause while reading it, not to explode with pride & happiness !!! 🙂

    I love your piccies, too !

    And I’m featured here with both Nicole & Margie !

    … And your knickers ! Love them ! They remind me of Topshop / Miss Selfridge’s lingerie sections, in London … I got a few black silk pairs with a bow myself, from there ! (“Stop Mathyld, you’re over sharing” would Nicole say !)

    * Thankies * Pumpkin,
    and I’ll see you in Paris,
    x x x
    ___mathyld___ (aka “Miss Exclamation Points”)

  2. Yes Lisa, I agree with lovely Mathyld! This is so nice and I’m supremely flattered !
    thank you!

  3. karuski says:

    Oh, so many sweet things! Hard to say which one I would pick if I had a chance:)

    I love lou lou and oscar’s plushies, too:)


  4. Net says:

    Wow – you DO have a great postman! What a collection of brilliant things – I love the teapot brooch and the print of the polar bears is so very beautiful! I think I just have to pop over to Encore Petite…

  5. I think our men in blue ( those lovely big bag carrying gentlemen) deserve a raise or at least a bonus. I just hope your postman doesn’t read this post and see those very beautiful knickers of yours.
    The last time I had a delivery he handed my daughter a parcel and said ” this is a lot heavier than it looks”
    All kidding aside you deserve all the goodness you get and I agree with minna I love your plushies and I am thinking of adding to my collection very soon. A valentine’s gift to my self.

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