Typographic Tuesday: Rats To Rats


This is Rats, a very cool typeface don’t you think? We chose this font as the new face of my post headings for no better reason than we fell for it at first sight. Rats fitted in with the content and style of Lou Lou & Oscar really well. If you check out MyFonts they will tell you that “Its small body height and tall ascenders support an oldstyle spirit drawn from early second-century Roman cursive scripts”. I do tend to be lead by my gut reaction and “tall ascenders” aside my tummy said “that is the one”.


Inspired by the personal hand of the illustrator Scott Nash, who was responsible for Flat Stanley and many others, Rats was designed by Jean Evans. We can’t use Rats as the license doesn’t permit it to be embedded in a web page. “Rats!”. My Type Tzar, Adam, is going to email the foundry that owns the font and find out if it is possible to buy an extended license but it is a pretty pricey typeface to begin with and I don’t think we can justify it. So bye, bye Rats. I have found something else and it is Freeware-hooray-of course I have just had a bickering session with Type Tzar (who may be demoted) who says that I can’t have the the Freeware typeface because it doesn’t contain accented characters. Apparently we are going to try and create our own font, when we are going to have the time to do this I have no idea! I foresee an extended debate on this issue-yawn!

To raise my jaded spirits I searched Etsy for some Ratties.


Marcel, the Dock Rat fromFing Toys.


King Chocolate Rat made from recycled or found tin cans and bottle caps from loranscruggs.


Second Nature print from Art & Ghosts.

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2 Responses to Typographic Tuesday: Rats To Rats

  1. krize says:

    lovely rats, but I love mouses more! :))

  2. Olala I am in love with Marcel !!!

    Shhhh don’t tell it to my Grizzly !
    x x x

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