Into The Realm Of The Super Plush

It has been a while since I posted a plush round up so I have many a beauty to share with you today. There are a few notable absences here as I am saving these up for a ‘secret’ post that is coming very soon! I have a couple of new friends to introduce to you further down the page, be sure not to click out early! Enjoy the marvelous softy buffet below. The incredible Kit by Kitty Vane is the little star at the top of the post.


Black Sheep by Feltmates

Chester McNutterson from Small Fox in a Big World

The Count from Forest Creature.

Blue Rabbit from Fing Toys

Little Princess from Lillalotta.

Sybille from Astulabee

White Deer from Lemmikkiapina

Little White Rabbit from Little Love Blue

Mandragora doll with glow-in-the-dark eyes from NuitBlanche

Amigurumi 1 by Melissa Stanley

Googly-Eyed Boyl Bear from Hasenpfeffer.

I Love Blood Zombie from Cat Rabbit Plush

Guillaume of Chartres and horse Geraldine from Herzensart

Bunny Yeti from Rosemoo.

Allison from Pink Cheeks Studio

An Egg from Happy Friends

Soft Notre Dame and The tiger and The Tea from Violetta Testacalda.

Lulinda from J Sartist

Jackob Mercoledi from Ninon.


New Lumi from Le Train Fantome.

Today I’d like to welcome two ‘new girls’ to Etsy and Flickr, it is so exciting to begin a new journey or venture and I’m sure everyone will offer their support and encouragement by clicking the links below and exploring their corners of the world.

Flannery O’Kafka opens its virtual doors at Etsy today! Based in Glasgow, Andrea makes really cool plush creatures and dolls, I particularly like Aesop, a sort of fox and the little ‘Unvamp’ doll. If you are wondering about the name of this new shop you should send Andrea a convo, it is an interesting conflation! Welcome to Etsy Flannery O’Kafka, I wish you lots of fun and many sales.

Baby Unvamp from Flannery O’Kafka

Aesop…a sort of fox, also from Flannery O’Kafka.

I couldn’t end my super plush round up without featuring this wonderful little mushroom, complete with baby, made by Rane aka I Remember Sleep. Rane has just opened a Flickr account to share her creations with the world, her enthusiasm and energy are so inspiring. A few days after signing up Rane already has her own group called Forest House Mushroom Drawing Swap, admirable indeed. Welcome Rane! I am so in love with that mushroom!

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12 Responses to Into The Realm Of The Super Plush

  1. Lisa, these are so wonderful for my sore , tired eyes today. I love each and everyone and yet they are all so amazingly different . I love the last little mushroom and baby mushroom so very much and look how the snails are so attracted to it. They definitely know a good thing when they see it.
    Rane is off to a fantastic start in this world so many of us call home.

  2. Shannah says:

    I love that you share these wonderful discoveries with us. Amazing work!!!

  3. Rane says:

    I am humbled to be among all of these wonderful artists! These
    are amazing plushies! I can tell that the artist have put their
    hearts and souls into every stitch! You are all amazing~ I hope
    that I can aspire to be like all of you someday! Just look at that
    White deer!! Every one is wonderfully different! Lisa you have a
    great I for plushie cuteness!
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support
    you have given me! You never know where you will meet a true
    friend, thank you for everything! This little mushroom was so fun
    to make! I wish the best for everyone! And Margaret~ Thank you <3

  4. Mado says:

    All are wonderful!!

  5. Eerika says:

    First of all, thank you for featuring my Kit!

    Secondly, yay for giving us a chance to discover new, amazing plush artist! It’s actually a bit overwhelming to see so many wonderful creatures and critters all together. 😀
    And I’m also glad I discovered Lemmikki Apina, it’s always nice to find other Finnish plush artists, we tend to be few and far between online. 🙂

  6. Thank you Lisa! Oh my, what a great group to be part of! I really love them ALL (you have such a keen eye!) Lemmikkiapina, NuitBlanche and Le Train Fantome make me nearly weepy!

  7. Rane says:

    *eye* …(oops)

  8. Melissa de la Fuente says:

    wow…what an amazing round up my dear! You spoil us! 🙂 So many new and wonderful folks I didn’t know of, thank you! I am deeply in love with many of them….it is hard to choose!

  9. mayaluna says:

    This was so fabulous! I agree with all of the wonderful readers above: you have a wonderful gift for discovering and highlighting loveliness. That gift for beauty shows up in your own fantastic creations… so glad they are getting all of the attention they deserve! I predict you will be having an extremely busy year… stitching away! I’m off to follow your links… have a great weekend!

  10. fanja says:

    dear Lisa, thank you for including my doll in your list, what an amazing bunch! hope you’re having a nice and relaxing weekend xx

  11. Aw, Lisa …
    Lemmikkiapina’s deer is incredible !
    Also, I fell in love with Chester McNutterson on Small Fox’s blog …
    And we both know what I think of Nicole’s creatures … (groupies alert !)

    What a crazy / sweet bunch, all in all !

    Kisses from Paris, just for you <3
    x x x

  12. Christelle says:

    OooOOOh…thanks a lot…..blushing right now….
    I love your blog and you’ve got such an eye to find treasures….

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